American football Quiz Set 3

How much do you know about American football ?

1. What is the shape of and what are the measurements of an American Football playing field?
2. 10 yards (9 metres) in from each end of the playing rectangle white lines called ‘goal lines’ bisect the full width of the field.What are the two areas thus marked out called?
3. The remaining 100 yards of the playing area is also bisected across it’s width by white lines.What is the space between these lines?
4. Two rows of brief white lines run the length of the field indicating each yard. What are they called?
5. What is the weight of a football?
6. How many periods of play constitute a game of football, and what are they called?
7. How many players are there in each team?
8. How many officials supervise a professional football game?
9. Where did football begin in the US?
10. What is considered by football historians to be the birth-date of football in the US?
11. On that date a team from Rutgers University met a team from which other university for the first intercollegiate game?
12. What are the games which mark the climax of the College football season called?
13. This tradition began in 1902 when Stanford University invited the University of Michigan to a New Year’s Day contest.What did this particular game evolve into?
14. In Dallas,Texas they play for the Cotton Bowl, in Miami Florida for the Orange Bowl.What do they play for in New Orleans, Louisiana?
15. Some outstanding student athletes became US sporting heroes. Joe Namath, for example, began his career at which institute of learning
American football Quiz Set 3
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