American football Quiz Set 5

How much do you know about American football?

1. Who was the great football coach who is commemorated by the trophy awarded to the winner of the Super Bowl contest?
2. Who was the great player who is commemorated by the trophy awarded to the player voted Most Valuable Player of the year?
3. National League football is played according to what rules?
4. Which team won the Super Bowl in the year 2001?
5. Which team plays on a home ground called ‘Three Rivers Stadium’?
6. Who coached Miami Dolphins in 1972 when they were the only professional team to complete the season undefeated with 17 wins, and in ’73 and ’74 when they won the Super Bowl ? He retired in 1996 with the highest record in the NFL of 347 wins over 33 seasons.
7. Who was the football defensive back and baseball outfielder who, in September 1989, scored a touchdown for the Atlanta Falcons and a home run for the New York Yankees in the same week?
8. Which team plays its home games in Arrowhead Stadium?
9. Who was the quarterback for the San Francisco ‘49ers who led them to victory in the Super Bowl in 1982-85-89-90? He was the NFL’s first three-time winner of the MVP award, 82-83-90
10. Which team plays its home games at Lambeau Field?
11. Who scored 5 touchdowns the first 5 times he carried the ball in a game for University of Illinois against Michigan, in 1924, earning himself the nickname ‘The Galloping Ghost’ and a professional career with the Chicago Bears?
12. Who was a student at Rutgers University when he was made the first black ‘All American? He went on to make a career in music, on the stage and in the cinema.
13. Which team plays its home games at Candlestick Park?
14. Who was the Miami Dolphin’s quarterback who, in 1984, became the first quarterback to pass for more than 5,000 yards in a season, and broke the singleseason record for touchdown passes?
15. What is the name of the Miami Dolphins home ground?
American football Quiz Set 5
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