Basics of Drillstring Design Quiz

In this MCQ test Today we will learn about Basics of Drillstring Design of Drilling Engineering.

In this quiz, we included the following topics of Basics of Drillstring Design

  • Drillstring Design
  • Bit Design
  • Drilling Optimization Techniques
  • Rate of Penetration Modeling
1.The __________ is an important part of the rotary drilling system
2. The drillstring is sometimes also called__________ .
3.____________ is a connection between the rig and the drill bit.
4.___________ is often a source of problems such as washouts, twist-offs, and collapse failures.
5. The drill bit is attached to the drill collars by means of a .
6. Drillstring provides________.
7. The drilling mud is circulated inside the ________.
8. _________are placed above the bit to control the direction in which the drill bit penetrates the formation
9. Kelly fit into the device called __________.
10. Kelly bushing then fits into the __________ which is mounted on the rotary table.
11. Which of the following is a function of kelly?
12. ________ forms the upper part of the drillstring.
13. At the one end of the drillpipe there is the box, which has the __________.
14. At the one end of the drillpipe there is the pin, which has the __________.
15. Drillpipe is used in lengths known as ___________.
16. Heavy wall drillpipe has_________ a wall thickness than ordinary drillpipe
17. Major functions of heavy wall drillpipe are
18. ___________is the component of the drillstring located directly above the drill bit and below the drillpipe.
19. The primary component of the BHA is the________.
20. Some classify_________ as a part of the BHA.
21. The weight of the collars ensures that the drillpipe is kept in __________ to prevent buckling.
22. Square drill collars provide _______ stabilization to prevent buckling
23. ________drill collars decrease the risk of differential pressure sticking of the BHA.
24. Monel drill collar is another name for_______ drill collars.
25. Non-magnetic drill collars are usually ______.
26. Which of the following is a type of jar?
27. Jars are usually positioned at the __________ of the drill collars.
28. Drilling reamer is another name of _______.
29. A _________ is used between the drillstring and drill collars.
30. __________ are also called as vibration dampener.
31. Kelly is always positioned at
32. What is the primary function of the drill collars
33. What is the primary function of the slips
34. What is the primary function of the elevators
35. Which of the following is not a type of fixed cutter bits
36. Short teeth bits are used to drill
37. In which case, the collapse load is equal at any point of the drillstring
38. High ROP and low WOB mainly indicate
39. Low ROP and high WOB mainly indicate
40. Low RPM and high ROP mainly indicate
Basics of Drillstring Design MCQ Quiz
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