Business Environment Quiz

1. Business environment is the sum total of all the factors and forces………to a business.
2. Investors, customers, competitors and suppliers come under…….forces.
3. Specific attitudes that elected government representatives hold towards business is called…............. environment.
4. Which of the following best indicates the importance of business environment?
5. “There is a great demand for reservation in jobs for economically weaker sections of the society.” Identify the type of dimension of business environment mentioned.
6. WhatsApp was the first application for mobile chat. Afterwards, many other applications came but still whatsapp is No.1 in mobile chat. Which importance of Business Environment is highlighted here.
7. The government of India proposed to encourage e-transactions by encouraging the use of plastic money(through debit, credit and gift cards) or net banking by allowing deductions in usage charges, fees and income tax exemptions. Which component of business environment does it represent?
8. The court issued the order that for vehicles to be smokeless was most essential and that any one violatilng this order shall have to pay a heavy fine. Identify the dimension of Business environment?
9. which of the following dimensions of business environment includes legislations passed by the government administrative orders issued by government authorities.
10. Which of the following is a component of economic environment?
11. Banking sector reform has led to many attractive schemes of deposits and lending money. The banks are offering loans at very nominal rate of interest and with minimum formalities to be completed. Identify the dimension of Business environment highlighted here?
12. Under which environment effect, IBM and Coca –Cola had to leave India?
13. Introduction of mobile phones have negatively effected the business of cameras and watches it is related to___________.
14. ……… is considered a major element of the economic environment.
15. Non-discriminatory employment practices is the part of which dimension of business environment?
16. ‘Threats to law and order’ is an example of…….environment of business.
17. The trend of Yoga as a result of COVID -19 relates to…
18. It is very difficult to predict the changes of Business environment. No one can predict business environment 100% accurately. Which of the following feature of the business environment is highlighted by this point?
Business Environment Quiz
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