Better Online Marketing Strategy – Build Company Website or Business Blog

Build Company Website or Business Blog: Which is Better?

Still looking for answers to find a better online marketing strategy. This blog would try to address what is better option for a small company to generate business leads online. A website or a business blog.

The background– At the start of 21st century, most small companies and business owners realised the need of being online. Most of the business houses started with the company websites.  Sooner the competitions increased, number of websites increased much fold and many of them lost rankings.

Very few converted or adopted business blogging to keep pace with changing search engine algorithms. This blog is for those who want to understand the difference between company websites & Business blogs. It would help you to decide which is the better online marketing strategy for your business.

This blog would compare company website and business blog as an online marketing tool in the following parameters-

  1. Build, Look & feel
  2. Capability to rank well ( SEO)
  3. Cost Factor
  4. Which is better online marketing tool?
  5. Which one is fit for your business type?

All above parameters would help you to make the right decision to choose a better online marketing strategy.

Difference Between Company Website & Business Blog

Why a company website is made?

A Company website is a showcase of the business as whole. A business website showcases its Products, Services, Quality Certification, Achievements, Infrastructure testimonials etc. by dedicating specific pages or sections of the website.

In other words, A Business website is an online catalogue of your company and business. A Company website contains all information and facts about business.

The main advantage of a website – By doing all above, A Company website thus helps customers to make a decision to buy product only after they reached your website.

A company website’s purpose is solved once a customer sends an enquiry via mail or call. In order to fulfill this purpose, A company invest in various marketing channels and here the road is missed.

A Company Website is a online marketing tool only that needs support to generate leads.

Disadvantage of a company website – A missed road 

  • A Company website shows more talk less to customer
  • A Company website displayed all your product and services but may not necessarily bring new customers.
  • A Business owner and corporates make big websites and advertise heavily to bring a customer to website.
  • A business house does audio and visual ads to let a customer know about its websites.
  • Some of the businesses ( Many of them now a days) invest in PPC ( Pay-Per-Click) and pay for every click.  Many corporates invest even further in designing a landing page. ( A page where customers come after clicking a link promoted under PPC program).
  • There are hell lot of online digital marketing companies ready to promote your company website for a premium.
  • Once the advertisement stops the traffic comes down heavily on the company website. So are the business leads.

There is basically two kinds of Cost involved with A company website:

  1. One time cost of website making and annual maintenance cost. This is comparatively lower than the second cost.
  2. Cost of marketing a company website. This is a huge cost and frequent in nature.

What is a business blog?

A Business Blog is a website or a part of website that contains many articles written over a period of time. These articles are called blog posts or in other words business blog posts.

Each business blog post is written on different topics related to company’s, products, services, new offerings, news articles etc.

A successful business blog goes beyond just sharing information.  It talks about each and every aspect of business such as product utility, Product application, success stories, maintenance etc.

A business blog tries to educate a customer. It talks to visitors more than just showcasing a product. Business blogging is continuous process to connect more customers. Business Blog is the best content marketing tool to promote business online. As business blogging continuously attracts readers through traffic from Organic Search, Social Media, Email subscribers, Referrals etc.

Business blogging is best way to Generate leads with least competition. Because more visitors come to your website directly via business blogging. They often have less interaction with competition ( Unlike E B2B commerce website where each of your competition is listed above or below yours).

  • A Business Blog is a better online marketing strategy for long run.
  • An extended and effective form of FAQs for Customer education is a smaller part of business blogging.

Advantage of a Business blog

The main difference between a company website and business blog is that. Whatever factors are disadvantageous with Company website is advantageous with business blogging.

  • Business blogging brings new customers to your website without much advertisement.
  • A business blog promotes your websites and product online continuously or passively.
  • There is a continuous flow of traffic to your website through business blogging. This results in continuous business lead.
  • A business blog brings customers with minimal cost. The cost would be working blogs. Either you can write blogs or invite blogs from employees to generate content.
  • Business blogging project yourself or your company as an expert in your business field. Thus creates a strong competitive advantage over others.
  • You can effectively complete a market leader by expertizing not only by good product. Am I right?
  • There are lot of blogger communities ready to help you free to promote your business blog. Most of business blogging tips and tutorials are absolutely free for blogging.
  • At comparatively less prices, all online promotion tools like SEO, email marketing and social media marketing can be availed.

Disadvantages of Business Blogging

The only disadvantage business blogging has is that it takes some time. It may not be as quick as PPC to generate leads.

Now question is what should you choose between a company website & a business blog for an online marketing strategy?

A business website is a basic thing and must have for an online presence. But if you have a long term perspective for your business, business blogging should not be ignored.

If you fall under the following category of business then you should start business blogging right now-

  • Manufacturer, supplier or exporter of a product.
  • Consultant expertise in any field.
  • A company with large consumer base contact you for purchase and other information related to services.
  • A commission agent targeting large number of retail of corporate products.
  • Or any other company where your customers are educated enough to read and understand your offering

A little bit of extra time would give better results for business owners looking to get more customers. You can have attention readers with effective business blog writing.

Thank you for reading. I hope this guide helps you to choose perfect online marketing strategy. Furthermore, if you want to add something in this article then do comment below.

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