An Introduction to Business Blog. Should An Enterprise Use It

What Is A Business Blog? Should An Enterprise Use It?

Our analysis of more than 100 business website says that most of business website have one or more than one well drafted frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to business.

Very few have more beneficial & useful business blog. If you are thinking about starting a business blog then you are at very right place now. This little article will give some insights on business blogging and its advantages.

An Introduction to Business Blog

A business blog is a part of a business website that contains a collection of articles related to business to openly communicate to a large set of stakeholder.

To emphasis it further, Business must understand that-

  1. A business blog could be part of his main website.
  2. It is collection of articles published at a regular interval of time.
  3. The business blogs are written with a purpose and targeted to set of audience.
  4. The purpose of the business blog it to reach its stakeholder and increase the understanding of the stakeholder related to
  5. the topic of the business blog post.
  6. Each blog post in the business blog has separate topic.

Purpose of The Business Blog

Blog is a collection of article related to many topics related to business. The topic of the business blog could be related to stakeholders. Some of the common purpose of the business blogs are:

  1. Educating customers on how to use a product or service
  2. Providing a guide for troubleshooting
  3. Product comparison with competetion
  4. “How to series” that talks about various application of the products
  5. Reducing the cost of service by promoting self service ( All above are indirectly doing the same)
  6. Reaching to low competition customers by attracting organic traffic
  7. Increasing customer engagement,
  8. Converting customers into loyal customers and getting more customers out of referrals
  9. Forming a complete online marketing strategy
  10. Promoting a business

Few individual bloggers have converted their personal blogs ( that they started a hobby) to big brands. These personal blogs are now their main marketing tool attracting readers. These personal blogs are now main source of income for hobby blogger.

How Does Blog Form Part Of A Business Website?

A blog can be hosted in separate subdomain, like For example-
A blog can be a category in website whereas the related articles are categorised. Or It could be part of the website as separate URL like For example-

Some business website have even booked a domain with “.blog” as an extension which is a good idea. Here is one such good example-

How to Place Blog in a Business Website?

The best place to put a blog in website is in main menu of the website considering that there is fair level of understanding about blogs in readers. It is a really good idea for a business website. Because a your existing customers and even new customers would find it easy to connect with you.

Few website have chosen to show blog in footer of the website which does not convince me for obvious reason.

Difference Between Personal Blog & Business Blog?

There is no debated, documented & proven difference between A Personal Blog & Business Blog. However, The difference could be derived basis “Who is making a blog” and “Why is blog made”.

1. Personal Blog

There are many reasons for writing a blog. like –

  1. A personal blog originates when a individual starts writing a blog out of his own expertise.
  2. A personal blog is also written to express yourself.
  3. A blog is also written by individual to create its own brand or to establish himself as a writer.
  4. A personal blog is made with sole purpose of making money.
  5. It is also made to share advice on a niche topic

There could be a lot more reason for personal blogging. The one thing is common in all above and other reason is that a personal blog is often initiated and maintained by an individual.

Personal blog to freemium blog:

Few of these personal blog become big time to time and then become freemium blogs. A premium blog offers lots of help, guide & information for free and then earn through selling few products or earn through ad revenue.

2. Business Blog

A business blog is part of a business website. Hence in most case, a business blog is maintained by an enterprise. This enterprise may hire professionals like ( content developers, professional blog writers etc. ) to develop a business blog. A small businessman can himself start a business blog. ( Actually, a small business must start business blogging as there is less competition as of now).

The main difference between a personal blog and a business blog is that a business already has a product or services. Hence whatever a business blog writes would be limited to its business. Hence the blog posts in business blogging are limited in numbers but are highly focussed.

Right from marketing to service, The objective of business blogs could be anything.

Should A Business Start Business Blogging?

Definitely yes, Because-

  • Business most cost effective content marketing tool. Business blogs are the best way to connect a wider range of audience including prospective customers.
  • Business blogs reduce the cost of servicing by inculcating self help in your customers.
  • Business blogs becomes more popular on social media than your product pages.
  • Business blogs establish your company as an expert, It boosts your brand.
  • Blogging is best customer engagement platform online.

The Conclusion

Our initial analysis says that most of the companies have limited information about their product and services. Most business have age old method of showcasing products and services. Business blogs are new way to connect to consumers and new way to tell the stories related to your product. It is modern new way to communicate with more openness and it is certainly a direct way to communicate.

Thank you for reading. I hope you will get the answer. Share your feedback.

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