Canada Famous Inventions Made by Canadians Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you know about Famous Inventions in Canada? Let’s take a look at Canada’s Famous Inventions.

Let’s check out and attempt below 5 MCQ  quiz questions and answers

This quiz increases your knowledge about Inventions in Canada.

1. Which of these food related items was NOT invented in Canada?
2. This Canadian invention was originally called the “packset” since it was not hand held, but worn on the back. What do we now call this portable radio signaling system?
3. The snowmobile was invented in Canada to make remote area travel more effective in snowy conditions. It is known by many names. Which of these are NOT one of those names?
4. What popular board game was invented by two Canadian friends when they couldn’t find all of their tiles for a game of Scrabble?
5. This game invention started out as a Toronto man’s creative Christmas gift during the Depression. He used a variety of items around this house like clothes pins, wire hangers, clock springs, and lumber. What is the name of this invention?
Canada Famous Inventions Made by Canadians Questions and Answers
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