Canada Fun, Food and Drink Facts Quiz Questions with answers

Do you know about the Fun, Food and Drink Facts of Canada Country? Let’s check your knowledge by attempting the below 5 MCQ questions and answers.

This quiz helps you to find out how well you know your Canadian Fun, Food and Drink.

1. When it comes to fun food you can find in Canada, what is a Beaver Tail?
2. Only three of the 10 types of maple trees native to Canada produce the sweet sap that is used to make the famous Canadian syrup. Which type of tree is NOT one of these three trees?
3. Where in Canada does 75% of all maple syrup come from?
4. The doughnut was invented in Canada
5. Poutine is one of Canada’s signature foods. What are the three main ingredients of poutine ?
Fun Food and Drink Of Canada Facts Questions with answers
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