Canada Interesting War History Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you know about the Interesting Fact about the War History of Canada?

Test your knowledge of Canada’s Interesting War History. Attempt Below 6 MCQ questions with answers.

Let’s Take the quiz and go through each question’s answer to get a better insight into Canada’s War History.

1. How many times have Americans invaded Canada?
2. More than 6,000 prisoners of war who were held in Canadian “prison camps” asked to stay in Canada after World War II ended.
3. What was the name of the secret agent training camp in Ontario where Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond series, trained?
4. During the War of 1812, General Isaac Brock won battles with the collaboration of which Indigenous leader?
5. During the Second World War, thousands of Canadians were forcibly evacuated from the West Coast of Canada because of their ethnic origin. Who were these Canadians?
6. The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was fought in:
Canada Interesting War History Quiz Questions and Answers
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