Career Shots You’re Missing and How to Get it Right

3 Career Shots You’re Missing and How to Get it Right

I’ve read many profiles and resumes and I get intrigued when I see statements like “Over 20 years of experience in…” bla bla bla… I rightly wondered what could have sustained such long interest in a career path and still remained relevant to their professional world.

A colleague some time ago said to me that her father so much love accounting that he’s been doing it all his life and will continue till tomorrow. Some persons actually do branch out whilst still in line with their career but not so with some other persons all because of some shots they’re getting right or wrong in life.

There are career shots many people are getting wrong even at this age but I’ll like to highlight three:

1. Being in the Wrong Role

Many persons are in the wrong roles today. They love what they’re doing though but when you ask them their preferred or dream job title or where they want to major in, you hear something else.

Some employees have to take up some roles just to make ends meet and pay bills at home. This is very okay. But if you want a career life and you’re doing something different today and not in the right role, that’s a career shot you’re missing.

If you’re still interested in making your career bloom, look out for roles within the company and work towards how you can fit in and know the skills you’ll need for that role. Then talk to HR or your mentor about it.

2. No Professional Association

Let’s assume you are in the right role finally and doing the right job or things as required by your job description, do you belong to any professional association? Belonging to professional associations as pertaining to your career makes you very professional.

It is a wise saying that Lions move in packs and mostly not alone. So if you’ve got a career going, do not fail to be associated with your professional colleagues under a professional body.

It keeps you updated on what is happening in your professional network and makes you align with the new trends especially in technology as concerned with your career.

3. Hopping Round the Clock

What is not good for your career is not good for your career. Hopping from one job to the other within short intervals is not good for your career. Not at all! It is recommended that you stay at least one year on a job. Whether the odds for promotion or pay upgrade are good or not, just stay.

It is very rare to read a job description that at least a minimum of 2, 3, 6, or 8 months of experience is needed for a role. So if you’re hopping from one job to another within very short intervals, then you’re missing the shots in your career.

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Thank you for reading. I hope this article will help you in your career growth.

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