Top Traits for Achieving Success

3 Traits for Achieving Success

Success means different things to a whole lot of people. Some persons find personal attachment to activities they believe will help them become successful. The value of a thing depends on the much time you give to it or you give in thinking about it or making it grow.

In this post, I am shedding more light on what the traits of successful people are irrespective of what success means to them.

Let’s read the 3 Traits of Success:

1. Having an Internal Locus of Control

Having an internal locus of control means thinking and acting as though you are responsible for your actions and their consequences.

Someone who has an internal locus of control who is late to a meeting will take responsibility for it by saying something like “I’m sorry, I miscalculated how long it would take to get here,” and adjust their departure time appropriately next time.

Someone who has an external locus of control will place the blame on something outside of their control e.g “There’s just too much traffic these days,” and not bother to adjust their departure time even when they’re late for the umpteenth time.

If you have an internal locus of control, you make things happen. If you have an external locus of control, things happen to you. Successful people have an internal locus of control. They are constantly thinking about how they can act on the circumstances around them to turn them in their favour.

2. Understanding that Success is a Team Sport

On your way to achieving your goals and ambitions, you need people working with you, alongside you and for you in order to succeed. That’s why it’s important to learn how to meaningfully engage people and develop relationships with them.

You must invest in developing the skills to cultivate genuine goodwill. Whether it’s your customers, your suppliers, your teammates, or your direct reports, people will go out of their way to help you succeed if they can tell from the things you say and do that you value them and their contribution and they can believe that you have good intentions towards them.

Successful people build and nurture meaningful connections with people and earn their trust and respect.

3. Staying Hungry

Stay hungry is the first half of a motto popularized by Steve Jobs following his commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”

There are some people who get to where they had always dreamt of going, and then they rest on their laurels. They may do all right. Then there are those who never stop wanting to learn and grow.

They constantly challenge themselves, push themselves and stretch themselves. They don’t just stick with what they know, they venture into areas of knowledge that are not directly related to their own. They proactively seek out those who have more experience than them and learn from them. They read they listen, they ask. They take on some tough assignments even if they’re afraid to fail.

When you meet someone who’s eager to grow both professionally and personally and they’re not just talking the talk they’re walking the walk, you can take a bet that they’ll achieve great things.

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