Small Businesses You Can Do As A Student!

3 Small Businesses You Can Do As A Student!

After some months of passing out of secondary school, most times I and my friends would chat about the fun and faint times we had in school. Then we would conclude that school life is the best not having a clue that real school life is the university life where you have the total freedom to live big or small, freedom to suffer and freedom to flex; freedom to innovate as well as the freedom to live as you want.

During my time at the university, I was very innovative and did not allow lack to totally catch up with me (Lol…). I paid some project fees for myself and at some point had to feed on the cash I made.

Here are the small businesses you can do as a student still in school.

1. PC Formatting and Repair

Yea…! I formatted PCs for my colleagues and friends of my colleagues. All I needed was to read up on how to format computers on the internet and I was on the go. I also did PC software repairs for students.

I was so techy that I even compiled my own list of special software students may need on their laptops on one disc and advertised it for sale.

At some time, some of my lecturers will call me to work on their laptops. One even invited me home to work on his desktop computer. It was all fun and the money I made off it was worth it.

2. Term Paper/Project Research

This is one of the small businesses that really paid off in double. It was simple and this is what I did:

In my department, some of my colleagues (junior colleagues inclusive) individually would approach me for ideas on their individual projects and papers they’re asked to write. Well, I identify the best way to do the project and suggest night browsing to them to really gather enough info and for best results. Okay, I also offer to do it for them as one of the small businesses I do. So they pay me for the night browsing and still pay for services. Now up to 3 or 4 other persons would come for the same service but different topics.

I hit the cafe on a Friday night, pay for a single night (9 pm – 6 am) and finish the jobs for all of my clients and still research for my project too. Do you see how profitable it is? I use a single client’s money to render services to 2 other clients except for the printing of course.

3. Graphics Design

Graphics Designing was one of the small businesses I did as a student. So I realized a need for graphic advertorials by some students at a particular time and before I could say, Jack Robinson, I got a call from someone seeking to pay me for a simple Toilet soap advertorial concept and design. I did the service and was duly paid. Though it did not fetch in much as others, the cash from graphics design one of my small businesses was substantial enough for some bills.

At this point, it is important to note that I did not pay to learn all the services and small businesses I did as a student but only offered to serve and learn under friends who knew more than I did and as well as get myself ICT inclined to know that I’ll need the skills for my career later on after school.

In the end…

I recommend that you go into something you love doing as a small business. Is it convenience sales, then start selling recharge cards in your hostel or include cutting/plating of hair to it. You could buy bags of pure water as well if you happen to have a fridge.

These are small businesses you could start with little or no capital or skill. Also, be innovative. Look around and see how you can make service convenient for others or solve a persistent problem. This could actually kick off a career for you and you become an employer of labour.

Thank you for reading. Kindly share this article with a friend and spark off a creative mind.

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