7 + 1 Take ‘Alongs’ you Need for Every Interview

7 + 1 Take ‘Alongs’ you Need for Every Interview: A Must Read

Have you been invited for an interview? Congratulations!!! Or are you expecting to be called up soonest? Then I encourage you to keep faith, you’ll surely receive that phone call or text message one day.

Today I’ve decided to write about all (at least 90%) what you’ll need for that next interview you are or hope to be called for and I hope you really take them along because you will surely need them or will be asked for them.

Some of these things I took along during my first interview and some I did the mistake of leaving them behind.

Okay, let’s go…

1. God

Yes o! We cannot do anything without God. So do not forget to include God in the matter. Like the Igbo person would say, ‘Odi important’ (very important). Pray before you leave home and commit everything in the hands of God and he will see you through.

2. Your CV

Yes! Your CV. Not in soft copy, not in handwritten copy, not in a flash drive, on your phone or even in an email… but in hard copy! Neatly typed, printed first hand and not a photocopy of it. Also, it must be evidence based else, that’s the first sign that you may not get the job.

3. Your Portfolio

Depending on the type of interview you are going for, take along your portfolio. It may be a collection of your published articles in the dailies or local magazine or school magazine or designs.

4. Your Credential

Some firms usually ask that you come along with your credentials or that you attach your credentials to your CV. Do not forget this!

5. Your Nice Professional Wear

Make sure you dress well and make an effort to know the colours of the firm (especially Banks) so that you do not pull a red flag if for example, you match a red tie with a grey suit and its not just their colour. Dress well and be at your best. Impress on first sight.

6. Your Punctual Flair

Never go late! If the location of the firm is where you’ve not been to before, make sure you leave home as early as possible to possibly beat traffic and cover up for the time you may use in seeking out the specific location of the firm.

7. Your Sense of Humor

I once read the story of a young man who was called into the office for his interview and as he walked in, he generously smiled from gin to grin. After he was offered a seat, he was asked why he smiled the way he did and he said ‘the others outside look too serious’ and that got the interviewers laughing and the interview was chatty all the way. So, put up a smile please.

8. Your Confidence

You need confidence to ace any interview. This is very useful when you also have to present in the interview. On my first interview, I had to take a written test and present it. In the course of my presentation, one of the interviewers stopped me abruptly and asked “Have you been doing this before?” I smiled, answered him and continued. I displayed a lot of confidence unlike others (as I later learned months after working in the firm) who were shaky and not confident.

Before you read other posts let me drop this quote here from a friend…

The most important and highest paid work a man does is THINKING… The quality of product your thinking generates determines your income…

Well, let me pause here and allow you to continue the list using the comment box. Believe me, there are hundreds reading this and would love to tap from your knowledge. Thank you for reading. Also if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I’ll respond promptly.

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