Ways to Make Money Without Investment

8 Best Ways to Make Money Without Investment

Robert T. Kiyosaki in best seller book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” had shared the idea that ” It does not take money to make money”. That means you don’t need money to make money. In this blog, we are going to share 8 Best Ways to Make Money Without Investment.

Before we start it is important to know that there are two places where you can make money, One is offline and another is online (using internet). This blog is dedicated to the ideas related to making money without investment offline.

Ways to Make Money Without Investment offline

Let’s read the best 8 ways to make money without investing a single dollar.

1. Coaching / Tuition

The first thing that comes to your mind is are you expert enough to coach or give tuition, believe me, or not you are. Even if you are not expert you know many things that others do not know or know less than you. You can make money by offering your service to them.

Few examples are like teaching driving, English coaching (Or a particular language that you know well ), personality development related classes, etiquette tuition, a particular sports that you might have played well in past and many more.

2. Become a Middle Man

If you really want to make Make Money Without Investment quickly then you must consider this one. Renting of commercial and residential property, machinery and providing manpower are few examples that does not require specialization and do not require investment in office and other assets. You can make money by getting commission from tenant as well as property owner.

3. Freelancing

There are many basic jobs available where businessmen and others look for freelancers for a short term job. It may be as simple as becoming a driver or escort for a day to some professional assignments like software development, Home architecture designing that can be started.

4. Lend Your Voice

If your voice is good and you can speak particular language very well then you can lend your voice to recording agencies. All you need to contact some production house such as NatGeo, with your voice recording. There are many agencies that look for a good voice in all languages. You may earn good money for an hour’s job or may earns thousands for a weeks assignment. That woo without making any investment.

5. Modeling

Now you thought that you are not that fit or do not look good enough. Don’t underestimate yourself. Modelling is not limited to only good looking persons. A lot of other people are required to be part of ads, movies and serials. The classified page of every newspaper often looks for people like you. Make money in modeling without investment is good idea because it also comes with free travelling to some exciting places around the world.

6. Organised a Tour or Start Event Management

Plan a religious or adventurous tour with combination of uniqueness and popularity. Do local marketing with what’s app take advance 10 to 20% of total cost. Use that money to pay advance for hotels & buses etc and Take full money before trip including your commission. You can even plan other marriages, birthday parties, Anniversaries etc and earn good money.

7. Local Guide

Contact local tour operators, hotels etc and offer your services as Local Guide to travellers, tourist. Earn fees as well as tips.

8. Data Entry job

Even if you only know how to operate a computer and type in English, This works. There is plenty of data entry part time full time job is available for you. Just look into the classified of the newspaper or search online near your area.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article will help you to earn money without doing any investment. Further, if you need additional help then do comment below

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