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Let’s take the important quiz on Casing Design of Drilling Engineering.

In this quiz, we included the following topics of Casing Design

  • Different Mathematical Formulas and Examples
  • Casing Design Process
  • Calculation of Magnitude of Design Properties
1. For onshore drilling, the well is drilled in sections from________.
2. For offshore drilling, the well is drilled in sections from_______.
3. The well is drilled in sections through all of the formations to the target depth because __________ of limitations.
4. Once a certain length of hole is drilled, it has to be________.
5. A heavy large diameter steel pipe which can be lowered into the well for some specific functions is called __________.
6. ____________ ensures a pressure-tight connection from the surface to the oil or gas reservoir
7. Casing is rigidly connected to the rocky formation using_________.
8. The costs of the casing can constitute __________ of the total cost of the well.
9. The functions, and types or names of the various casings vary according to the ____________.
10. Marine riser is a special type of __________ used in offshore drilling.
11. The first casing used in the wellbore is called___________.
12. ________is the largest and the uppermost casing used in wellbore.
13. The final casing installed in the wellbore is called _______
14. The size of the________ varies according to the geographical locations
15.__________ is always cemented to surface.
16. ___________ is set at approximately 1,000–1,500 ft below the ground level or seabed.
17._________ are connected to the top of surface casing strings.
18. The length of the surface casing is normally
19.________is the first casing on which the BOPs are mounted.
20.__________ is also called protection casing.
21. __________ depends on well depth and geology in a specific area.
22. _________ is usually set in the transition zone below or above an over-pressured zone.
23. The casing depth of the _______ depends on the pore pressure profile of the underground fluids.
24. ______is the last casing string placed in the hole.
25.___________reaches the top of the pay formation
26. __________can be used to produce fluid instead of tubing.
27.__________ are hung on the intermediate casing by using a liner-hanger.
28._________ is a mechanism that locks into the casing head.
29.________ is attached to the top of the casing which allows the casing to be suspended from the wellhead.
30. The __________ diameter of casing is recognized as the casing size.
31. What is the first step during handling of casing in the rig site?
32. One method of landing casing in the casing hanger is that casing tension___________.
33. All of the following factors are affecting casing design except:
34. Casing is subjected to many forces, which of the following is not one of these forces?
35. Casing design process includes the following except
36. Selection of casing setting depth depends on mainly________.
37. If a 17½ hole was drilled in a well, which of the following casing size will be run?
38. If the required casing collapse pressure is 11,000 psi, what should be the design collapse pressure?
39. If the designed casing burst is 15,000 psi, what is the required burst of the casing?
40. If the required casing tension is 150,000 lbf , what should be the design casing tension?
Casing Design MCQ Quiz
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