Computer Awareness Quiz [Set 2]

1. A data communication facility on which data can be transmitted in two directions is referred as _______________ .
2. Electronic Mail/Message System (EMMS) best suits to ____________________ .
3. Digital Computer is a computer _____________________ .
4. The subdivision of fields ___________________ .
5. The checking operation performed on input is called __________________ .
6. A device that attaches to both ends of an electrical bus and prevents reflection of echoes of signals that reach the end of the bus is called __________________ .
7. A device mounted on a communication satellite which receives, amplifies and retransmits signals’ from earth stations is called ________________ .
8. Technique of using disk space to make programs believe that the system contains more random access memory (RAM) than is actually available is called ______________ .
9. A term means that the application software is priced separately from the computer hardware is called ________________ .
10. Following is not the operating system _____________________ .
11. Which of the following is true concerning personal computers?
12. The microcomputers which have the same operating characteristics as the IBM microcomputers are called ___________________ .
13. The personal computers are also referred as ____________________ .
14. POS data-entry system is used extensively by __________________ .
15. Primary advantage of key-to-tape data-entry systems is ___________________ .
16. Maximum character EBCDIC can code ________________ .
17. The hexadecimal number system has a base of ________________ .
18. The use of parity bit is for ________________ .
19. The following are basic types of record- access methods __________________ .
20. Which of the following is input/output device?
21. The following magazine covers only the IBM PC and its compatibles.
22. The word size of a microprocessor refers to:
23. The primary memory of a personal computer consists _____________________ .
24. Microsoft Excel is __________________ .
25. All the keys on the IBM PC keyboard repeat as long as one holds them down. These keys are known as _______________ .
26. Distributed data processing configuration where all activities passes through a centrally located computer is ______________.
27. Communications device, combines transmissions from several devices into on line is _______________.
28. Data communications involving telegraph lines uses ______________ .
29. An advantage of the laser printer respect to impact printer is _____________ .
30. Data entry can be performed with all of the following EXCEPT ____________________ .
31. Magnetic tape can serve as ____________________ .
32. The advantages of COM are its _____________and ________________.
33. Elementary data item are ____________________ .
34. A semiconductor memory which allows the eraser of the information stared in it so that new information can be stared in it is referred as _____________________ .
35. Extended ASCII uses __________________ .
Computer Awareness Set 2
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