Computer Awareness Quiz [Set 3]

1. A device used for transmission of images scanned at a transmitting point and duplicated at a receiving point is ______________ .
2. A data transmission medium made of tiny threads of glass or plastic that can transmit huge amount of information at the speed of light is _________________ .
3. A method of using a communication channel in which signals can be transmitted between a source and a destination in both directions simultaneously is called __________________ .
4. A sequential electronic circuit which can be placed in one out of two stable states where each state may be used to represent a binary digit is stated as ________________ .
5. A sequence of instruction (software) that is substituted for hardware and stored in read- only memory (ROM) is called _______________ .
6. Anonymous FTP is the ___________________ .
7. EFF sites allows anonymous FTP that ___________________ .
8. ANSI is _____________________ .
9. APL is _________________ .
10. The overall design, construction, organization and interconnecting of the various components of a computer system is referred as ________________ .
11. Asynchronous communication is __________________ .
12. Audio response is __________________ .
13. Automated Office refers to the merger of ___________ in an office environment
14. Auxiliary storage is ________________ .
15. Archive is ___________________ .
16. A branch of computer science that deals with computers that possess reasoning, learning and thinking capabilities that resemble those of human beings is recognized as?
17. ASCII is __________________ .
18. Following is true for Bandwidth:
19. ASCII-8 is ______________________ .
20. ASCII File is _____________________ .
21. A program that translates mnemonic statements into executable instructions is referred as _______________ .
22. An assembler is a ______________________ .
23. In a disk system time required for a read/write head to move to the track where the record to be read or written is stored is _________________ .
24. Computer output which is displayed on the screen of a terminal without a permanent copy is called _____________.
25. A storage device or medium where the access time is dependent upon the location of the data is called _________________ .
26. The set of computer programs, procedures, and associated documentation related to the effective operation of a computer system is referred as ___________________ .
27. An adder in which the bits of the operands are added one after another is called ___________________ .
28. A method of providing virtual memory ________________ .
29. Transmission of data in one direction is called _________________ .
30. SNOBOL is ________________________ .
31. Speech recognition is ___________________ .
32. Speech synthesis is ____________________ .
33. A technique used to reduce the speed mismatch between slow speed I/O devices and fast CPU is called _______________ .
34. Storing programs on disk and then transferring these programs into main storage as and when they are needed. The technique is used to process large programs or several programs with limited memory is called ________________.
35. Terminals is _______________________ .
Computer Awareness Set 3
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