Computer Awareness Quiz [Set 4]

1. A symbol to indicate beginning (START), ending (STOP) and pauses (HALT) in program logic flow are referred as ______________ .
2. Portability is program ability to run on _________________ .
3. A protocol that specifies how a personal computer can connect to a mail server on the Internet and download E-mail is known as ____________________ .
4. A unit of a computer system that interprets instructions and executes them is known as ______________ .
5. A register in CPU used to store the address of the next instruction to be executed is known as _______________ .
6. One who designs, writes, tests and maintenance computer programs is called _______________ .
7. Which of the following terms applies to communication between two computer systems?
8. A memory in CPU that holds program instructions, input data, intermediate results and the output information produced during processing is ______________ .
9. A collection of complete programs, subroutines, and program modules that have already been developed, tested and documented to be used by programming projects.
10. The following typically happens in the output phase of a computer based information system:
11. Which of the following best describes a computer-based information system?
12. The following piece of hardware is used as input phase of a computer-based information system:
13. Software instructions intended to satisfy a user specific processing needs are called ________________ .
14. A term used for diskette is _______________________ .
15. Following is true for the digital computer:
16. Comparing with secondary storage, primary storage is _____________ .
17. CPU performs read/write operations at any point in time in ________________ .
18. Following is not the form of secondary storage:
19. Technique of placing software/programs in a ROM semiconductor chip is called ________________ .
20. Following is not true for magnetic tape:
21. The following is an nonvolatile memory:
22. The ____________ can be programmed one time by either the manufacturer or the computer user. Once programmed, it cannot be modified.
23. Which of the following is not true of a magnetic disk?
24. Which of the following was (were) NOT used in first-generation computers?
25. Following is not true for Backup files:
26. An algebra that deals with logical propositions which are either true or false is referred as ______________ .
27. Bandwidth is __________________ .
28. A coding structure in which characters are represented by means of a series of parallel bars is _____________ .
29. In Broadband system a network system ___________________ .
30. Bit stands for _____________ .
31. Broadband channel is the _______________ .
32. BLOB is __________________ .
33. A group of related items / section of program coding treated as a unit is referred as __________________ .
34. An operation in which data is moved to a different location is referred as _________________ .
35. The following is responsible for number of logical records in a physical record _______________ .
Computer Awareness Set 4
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