Do’s and Don’ts of Thought Leadership

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Thought Leadership

How can you help your brand stand out from the rest? To answer that question, you would have to be a thought leader. These are the people who know how to put in the effort required to shape up a business. Getting to this position is no walk in the park. To be an expert, you have to make the right decisions.

Since not everyone can get to that point, we will show you what it means to be a thought leader. If you are serious about getting to this, then you must know about the things that you should and shouldn’t do for thought leadership.

5 Do’s

1. Become An Expert

You should read between the lines. This is another way of saying that you must try your best not to leave room for any error whatsoever. You have to be a master in the subject matter so you can deliver optimum value to your clients. You must have the right academic credentials, certifications and experience for the post.

You must also be an avid reader in your specialized field.

2. Show It Don’t Just Say It

Anybody can put up a decent elevator speech or presentation to wow the audience. But that is only half of the work. You have to convince them that you are indeed capable of delivering on to that promise. Show your clients that you are worth all of the accolades that are under your belt.

This method will better instil trust in them than anything else.

3. Differentiate

Every competitor in the market is striving for the same thing. So what makes you the one that stands over the rest? That is the test that will translate to the success that you will bring to your brand. Don’t just try to be better, but be unique. In other words, you need to come out as original as well as approachable.

4. Advise, Educate And Inform

The one thing thought leaders never do is to show off in front of others. They never take the industry jargon for granted and leave everyone else out to the dust. They promote intelligent discussion by bringing up real issues to life, foster conversations and teach everyone from their fellow executives to the clients.

5. Be A Charismatic Communicator

For the most part, thought leaders have to be masters at communicating. It isn’t just words that they are uttering from a piece of paper or their minds; it is how they are delivering it. They understand what the crowd wants and that is why they are going to eat it right out from the palm of their hands.

If you are lacking in this, get the help of a speech coach, take a blogging class or join Toastmasters. Thought leaders often have to communicate anytime and any place. So be sure that you are the best at your craft.

5 Don’ts

1. Forgetting About The Audience

The business operates with the trust and satisfaction of your customers. If they are not happy with what you give them, there is no inclination towards buying your services or products. Thus, there is no business. Never forget that like customers are the blood that keeps your company afloat.

2. Losing Patience

You have to understand that getting to the top takes a lot of time and effort. You cannot just take the elevator and be given VIP access on a silver platter. That’s not how it works. You have to work really hard to earn your right to the top. What you need to do is just be patient and wait until it is finally your moment to shine.

3. Using Jargon

You must connect with your audience in a language that they can understand and easily relate to. Granted that your company has its own jargon but sometimes you have to go deeper into the minds of your buyers. You have to connect with the audience in a humane manner without sounding too promotional.

You have to resist the urge to insert jargon when you communicate.

4. Fear Being A Bit Controversial

There are going to be parts of your career where you will be garnering some criticism for what you believe in and promote. You have to make room for that kind of backlash one way or the other. You may get on the wrong side of some folks, but as long as you are reasonable in your approach, you’ll be fine.

5. Using The Wrong Kind Of Voice

Your voice has to match your personality. In other words, you have to come off as someone who really has the passion and care to work in the field that you are in. Otherwise, you will come off as wooden or robotic, or someone who just doesn’t care at all.

We hope that we have helped aspiring thought leaders with enough material to help them get started in their marketing future.

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