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Take the MCQ test of the Drilling Methods of Drilling Engineering. These Multiple Choice Questions consist of different drilling methods like Power system, Hoisting system, Circulation system and many more.

1. Which one is NOT the basic rig classification?
2. Earlier it was believed that hydrocarbons were present in only _________________ .
3. Which one is not a component of the cable tool rig?
4. In cable tool drilling, drill cuttings are removed by ________________ .
5. Which one is not a basic component of the rotary rig?
6. The first rotary drilling rig was developed in _________________ .
7. The first rotary drilling rig was successfully used in Corsicana, Texas, in _______________ .
8. The first oil well in the United States was drilled in 1859 with _____________ .
9. The first rotary drilling rigs were introduced in 1890 to cut _________________ .
10. In rotary drilling, drill cuttings are removed by _____________ .
11. Which one is responsible for transmitting power to other rig systems?
12. Which one of the following is responsible for lowering or lifting the drillstring, casing string in and out of the hole?
13. Which one is a part of rotary drilling system?
14. Which one is not a component of power system of drilling rig?
15. The steel structure part of rig which provides vertical height required to raise pipe sections is _______________ .
16. The total derrick load is not distributed equally over all four derrick legs due to the placement of _______________ .
17. A parameter used to evaluate various drilling line arrangements is ________________ .
18. Crown block, traveling block and drilling line are components of _______________ .
19. The program carried out to maintain good condition of drilling line is _________________ .
20. Calculation made to assess the amount of wear on drilling line is _________________ .
21. The hook load is completely carried over by ________________ .
22. The load imposed on the drawworks is equal to the _____________ in the fast line.
23. The ideal mechanical advantage assumes ______________ in the block and tackle.
24. Work done per unit time is the definition of _______________ of the block and tackle.
25. The main function of drilling fluid is __________________ .
26. Following is a type of drilling fluid __________________ .
27. Which one is NOT used to remove finer materials from the mud?
28. Which one is a part of mud-cleaning process?
29. Mud-circulating pumps are used to circulate drilling fluid at the desired _______________ .
30. The rotary system includes all of the equipment, which is used to attain _______________ .
31. Which one is NOT the basic component of the power system?
32. Which one is NOT the function of the circulating system?
33. A mechanical device that suspends the weight of the drill pipe, provides for the rotation of the drill pipe beneath it while keeping the upper portion stationary, and permits the flow of drilling mud from the standpipe without leaking is named as ______________ .
34. There are four major historical drilling techniques—which one is not the correct answer?
35. Which one is NOT the basic component of the hoisting system?
36. Which one is NOT associated with the rotary system?
37. The main method of drilling wells before developing combustion engines was _______________ .
38. The oldest drilling method used in drilling wells is _______________ .
39. The major disadvantage of cable-tool drilling is ________________ .
40. The major difference between rotary drilling and cable-tool drilling is _________________ .
41. Most of the rig power system is consumed in the _______________ .
42. The generated rig power must be converted to _______________ in order to run and pull the drillstring.
43. Which of the following component connects most of the hoisting system components together?
44. Maximum hook load occurred while ________________ .
45. Which one of the following components is not the part of block and tackle?
46. The most severe wear of the drilling line occurs when it passes through the _______________ .
47. To maintain the drilling line, which one of the following actions should be done frequently?
48. The name circulating system implies that the circulated mud ________________ .
49. The first equipment to remove drill cuttings from the drilling mud is the _________________ .
50. Shale shakers are used to remove __________________ .
51. Positive displacement pumps are used in drilling because it can __________________ .
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