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Economics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) is important for competitive examinations like UPSC, Banking, SSC, Railway and other State Public Service exams.

Some important MCQs on economics are given to analyse your understanding of this topic.

Let’s take the quiz below.

1. Who is called the ‘Father of Economics’?
2. India has:
3. India opted for ‘Mixed Economy’ in:
4. ‘Mixed Economy’ means :
5. Who wrote the book ‘Planned Economy for India’?
6. National Development Council was set up in :
7. Economic Planning is a subject:
8. The Planning Commission is :
9. Planning in India derives its objectives from:
10. Economic survey is published by:
11. Dadabhai Naoroji theorised on the drain of wealth from India in his book:
12. The deputy chairman of the Planning Commission:
13. The Planning Commission of India :
14. Microeconomics is concerned with :
15. The first attempt to initiate economic planning in India was made by :
16. In which Plan was the growth rate target exceeded?
17. Put in chronological order the following special features/objectives of different Five Year Plans as they were first formulated :
18. In India, the concepts of “minimum needs” and “directed anti-poverty programmes” were the innovations of :
19. The strategy of Rolling plan was adopted during the Prime Ministership of :
20. The Second Five Year Plan laid more stress upon :
21. The steel plants at Durgapur, Bhilai and Rourkela were established during the period of :
22. What is the correct sequence of the following strategies used for Five Year Plans in India?
Economic MCQ Quiz
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