Filmed in Canada Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you know which movies were filmed in Canada? Below 5 questions with answers will increase your knowledge about filmed in Canada. These questions with answers are about the history of filmed in Canada.

This post will be helpful for all students for the Canada Film MCQ quiz and General discussion.

1. Which city in Canada is considered the Hollywood of the North?
2. Where in Canada were large parts of the 1997 record-breaking movie Titanic filmed?
3. In what movie were the British Columbian Icefields used to film scenes for “The Fortress of Solitude?”
4. Even though the Cool Runnings movie is based on a Jamaican bobsled team competing in the 1998 Olympics in Calgary, it was filmed mainly in Vancouver.
5. The television show Once Upon A Time was filmed in the town of Stevenson, not far from Vancouver, but what is the name of the fictional town the show is set in?
Filmed in Canada Quiz Questions and Answers
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