Historical American Personalites Quiz Set 2

Let’s take online MCQ Quiz with Answers of Historical American Personalites.

1. The election of which Republican candidate as President in 1888 was seen as a triumph of protectionism over free trade?
2. Whose presidential election campaigns in 1896 and 1900 were enlivened by exciting contests with democratic contender William Jennings Bryan?
3. Who was the assistant secretary of the navy who quit to lead his famous ‘roughriders’ during the war with Cuba in 1898?
4. Whose two periods of presidency from 1912 to 1920 were marked by the amendments to the constitution allowing women’s suffrage and the establishment of prohibition;American participation in the first World War and his championship of the League of Nations?
5. Who was the only U.S. President to be elected four times?
6. Whose eventful presidencies caused him to have a sign made for his desk which said ‘The Buck Stops Here’?
7. Whose presidencies were mainly concerned with the policy of ‘containment’ of communism, and whose political inexperience was counter-balanced by his integrity and sincerity?
8. Who became in 1960, the first Catholic and youngest man ever to be elected President?
9. he ever increasing escalation of the war in Vietnam led to unpopularity for ……who?
10. Who resigned in August 1974 under threat of impeachment after the Watergate scandal broke?
11. Who was appointed Vice-President after the resignation of Spiro Agnew in 1973 and then took over as President after the resignation of Nixon?
12. The milestones of whose presidency were the handing over of the Panama Canal Zone to Panama; the Camp David peace agreements and the seizure of the American Embassy in Tehran by the Iranians?
13. Which U.S. President was called ‘The Great Communicator’?
14. Who was U.S. President at the time of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the consequent Gulf War?
15. Despite many positive aspects of his presidency, who was the 42nd President who is more likely to be remembered because he was only the second president to be impeached?
Historical American Personalites Quiz Set 2
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