Historical American Personalites Quiz Set 3

Let’s take online MCQ Quiz with Answers of Historical American Personalites

1. Who is the German-born U.S. diplomat, Secretary of State to two Presidents, negotiated the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam and set up Nixon’s visits to Beijing and Moscow?
2. Who is the U.S. lawyer and former First Lady who, in 2000, became the Senator for New York?
3. Who is the Vietnam veteran and former chair of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, who in 2000 became the first black Secretary of State?
4. Who was the Commander of the Allied Forces in the Gulf war?
5. Who was the U.S. diplomat who was charged with brokering the peace in Kosovo and in the ensuing NATO/Serbia conflict in 1999?
6. Who is the Canadian-born U.S. economist who has had enormous influence on contemp orary economic thinking? Best-known publication ‘The Affluent Society’ 1958
7. Who is the astronaut who went back into space in October ’98 at the age of 77?
8. Who became, in 1997, the first woman to be appointed to the post of Secretary of State?
9. Who was the U.S. architect, engineer and social philosopher who invented the geodesic dome, and warned that ‘no instruction book came with the Spaceship Earth’?
10. Who was the U.S. civil-rights leader who said ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’? He was assassinated in Memphis,Tennessee in April 1968.
11. Who became the U.S.’s first female Attorney General in 1993?
12. Who was the U.S. Secretary of State during the George Bush administration?
13. Who was the Secretary of the Treasury and then Chief of Staff for two years in the Ronald Reagan administration, who was forced to resign over the Irangate affair?
14. Who was the democratic U.S. senator who through an act of Congress named after him, made it possible for thousands of Americans to study abroad and for thousands of overseas students to study in America?
15. Who was the school teacher who lost her life in the 1986 ‘Challenger’ space disaster?
Historical American Personalites Quiz Set 3
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