Historical American Personalites Quiz Set 4

Let’s take online MCQ Quiz with Answers of Historical American Personalites.

1. Who was the Director of the National Security Council and presidential assistant – National Security Affairs in the Carter administration?
2. Who was Jimmy Carter’s Vice President?
3. Who was the pilot of the Bell X-1 rocket plane which was the first to pass the sound barrier on 14th October 1947?
4. Who is the co-founder and driving force behind the company Microsoft?
5. Who was the billionaire businessman, aviator and film producer who died a tormented recluse in 1976?
6. Who was the German-born American physicist who, in 1907, became the first American scientist to win a Nobel prize, and whose work on ether drift set Einstein on the way to his theory of relativity?
7. Who were the two surgeons, brothers, who founded the Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research?
8. Who was the 19th century American inventor from Barnesville, Ohio, who took out more than sixty patents, including several for the telephone and telegraph?
9. What was the name of the woman who spied for the South in the American Civil War?
10. Who was the U.S. army Chief of Staff in World War II, secretary of state 1947-49 and secretary of defence September 1950-September 1951? He was responsible for drawing up a generous financial plan to assist European powers to recover from the war
11. Who was the U.S. politician who was closely associated with George Marshall in drawing up the Marshall Plan and succeeded him as secretary of state?
12. Who was the U.S. social reformer and feminist, who founded Hull House community welfare centre, Chicago; was V.P. of the American Women’s Suffrage Alliance and leader of the Women’s Peace Party and organised the first Women’s Peace Congress?
13. Who was the U.S. military leader who formed the ‘Green Mountain Boys’ in 1770?
14. Who were the two U.S. social reformers who together founded the National Woman Suffrage Association in 1869?
15. Who was the commander in chief of the U.S. occupation forces in Germany 1947-49 who defeated the Soviet blockade by organising an ‘air-lift’?
Historical American Personalites Quiz Set 4
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