Historical American Personalites Quiz Set 5

Let’s take online MCQ Quiz with Answers of Historical American Personalites.

1. Who was the 18th/19th century pioneer who campaigned vigorously for U.S. control of Texas and after the war of 1836 became secretary of state of the independent Republic?
2. Who was the 17th century Virginia plantation owner whose rebellion brought attention to the brutality of the governor,William Berkeley, who was removed from his post?
3. Who was the 19th century health worker who founded the American Red Cross in 1881?
4. Who was the leader of the Sauk tribe who violently resisted the resettlement of his people off their original homelands, ending in a battle named after him in 1832?
5. Who was the U.S. general who led the U.S. troops in the 1944 invasion of France?
6. Who was the 2nd World War U.S. general known to his troops as ‘Blood and Guts’
7. Who was the leading Democrat and Speaker of the House whose tenure, 1912- 1961, was the longest on record?
8. Who was the director of the F.B.I. from 1924 until his death in 1972?
9. Who was the Democrat politician, FDR’s secretary of state 1933-44, often called the ‘father’ of the United Nations?
10. What was the name of the leader of the Chiricahua Apaches who fought relentlessly against white encroachment on his territory, until captured by General Crook in 1871?
11. Who was the Scottish-born American naval officer who led a small French squadron into action off the English coast in 1779, capturing HMS Serapis (although his own vessel the ‘Bonhomme Richard’ sank two days later?
12. Who was the U.S. swimmer who won 7 gold medals at the Munich Olympics in 1977?
13. He was born in 1900 in New Orleans and brought up in extreme poverty; his skill as a jazz trumpeter in the ‘20’s conquered one world; his fabulous personality helped him conquer many others. He became an Ambassador for the United Nations.Who was he?
14. Who was the civil-rights lawyer to be appointed the first black judge in the U.S. Supreme Court in 1967?
Historical American Personalites Quiz Set 5
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