Indian Literature Quiz Set 3

Let’s take online MCQ Quiz with Answers of Indian Literature.

1. Sisir Kumar Das wrote:
2. How many languages are included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India?
3. Nirala wrote in:
4. Narsinh Mehta wrote in:
5. Detective 'Feluda' was created by:
6. ‘The People's Linguistic Survey of India' was launched in:
7. Andal wrote in:
8. Byomkesh Bakshi is a detective in:
9. ‘Sare Jahan Se Accha' was written by:
10. Kamban translated:
11. Manipuri is a:
12. Madhava Kandali translated:
13. Tolakappiyam' was written in:
14. Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Hind Swaraj’ was originally written in:
15. Chanakya wrote:
16. Sankardeva was from:
17. ‘Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol' was written by:
18. ‘Malgudi Days’ was written by:
19. ‘Bande Mataram’ was written by:
20. ‘Khol Do’ was wriiten by:
21. ‘Amarakosha' is a:
22. Tyagaraja composed:
23. ‘Cilappatikaram’ is
24. The author of 'Natyashastra' is:
25. Recipient of Jnanpith Award for 2018 was:
26. Krishnadevaraya wrote in:
27. Namdev wrote in:
28. Krittibas translated:
29. Buranjis were written in:
30. ‘Devdas’ was written by:
31. Upanishads were written in:
32. Agamas are the canonical texts of:
33. Safdar Hashmi was associated with:
34. The first Noble Lauriete in Literature from India was:
35. Godan' was written by:
Indian Literature MCQ Quiz Set 3
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