How to Remove or getting rid of Bad Ads and sexual content From Instagram.

How to Remove Bad Ads From Instagram?

Are you continuously getting bad, sexual, or annoying adult 18+ ads on your Instagram account? If yes, then this article is for you!

Here we are sharing how you get rid of bad ads on Instagram. Follow the below step-by-step guide.

1. Go To setting

First, open your Instagram account, go to the profile page, click on the right side’s icon (3 small lines), and select the Settings option.

Go To setting and Privacy in Instagram App

2. Click on Suggested Content

After following 1st step, you will get new screen in your Instagram mobile app. Find the Suggested Content option and click on it.

Click on Suggested Content

3. Click on Sensitive Content

Now 3rd step is click on the Sensitive content.

Sensitive Content Option in Instagram

4. Select “Less” option

After following 3rd step, you will get 3 options: More, Standard, and Less. Select Less and another popup will open. To save your setting, click on Confirm.

Select Less to restrict bad Instagram ads

That’s it. You have done your setting in the Instagram mobile app. Now onward, you will be getting less content about topics, such as sexually suggestive content or some violence.

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