Introduction to Drilling Engineering Quiz

This MCQ Quiz consists of Introduction, Importance and Application of Drilling Engineering questions with answers.

1. Technology necessary for extracting oil and gas reserves is _________________ .
2. Technology which is used to utilize crude oil and natural gas reserves is ________________ .
3. All the hydrocarbon resources present on the globe are found _____________ .
4. The only method available to extract hydrocarbon reserves to date is ________________ .
5. In early days, drilling was done to extract _______________ .
6. Large deposits of untapped crude oil was mostly hidden below the surface until the middle of which century?
7. In early days, oil seeps were used for ______________ .
8. The first oil was drilled __________________ .
9. The petroleum industry in the Middle East was established by the _____________________ .
10. In early days, the Chinese were using ________________ as modern drill pipe to extract oil.
11. Mohammad ibn Zakariya Razi produced _________________ from petroleum using the distillation process in the ninth century.
12. Distillation process became available in Western Europe through Islamic Spain by ___________________ .
13. In the West, ________________ was the first place of commercial production.
14. The first breakthrough in the oil industry’s drilling history was the year _________________ .
15. The first oil well drilled in the United States was ______________ ft deep.
16. The principal party in the oil industry is called ___________________ .
17. The first task an operator has to do is the engagement of a ___________________ .
18. A ______________ is hired by the operator to acquire drilling rights.
19. A contractor who owns the drilling rig and employs the crew to drill the well is called ________________ .
20. Operator hires to conduct other rig jobs ____________________ .
21. Petroleum and mineral resources are usually owned by the _______________ of the host country.
22. _______________ licenses allow licensees to drill for, develop and produce hydrocarbons from whatever depth is necessary.
23. A well that helps to determine the presence of hydrocarbons is called _______________ well.
24. A well that is drilled to establish the extent (size) of reservoir is called _________________ well
25. A well that is drilled in a proved production field or area to extract natural gas or crude oil is called _____________ well.
26. A well that is sealed and closed is called an ________________ .
27. ________________ licenses do not allow a company to drill any deeper than certain depth.
28. On average, only one in eight exploration wells are successful in _____________ .
29. The role of drilling engineer during drilling operations is _________________ .
30. Which one is not a type of drilling well?
31. It is believed that the revolution of modern civilization benefited much from the revolution of:
32. Considering the lifecycle of the well, drilling operations are required at ______________ .
33. The main objective of drilling engineering is to ________________ .
34. A sustainable drilling operation can be achieved by ______________ .
35. The responsibilities of a drilling engineer are to _______________ .
36. Which of the following does the drilling engineer has some flexibility to decide on?
37. Which of the following does the drilling engineer not have flexibility to decide on?
38. For which of the following operations does the drilling engineer need assistance and recommendations?
39. Which of the following is not one of the technologies needed to prove the existence of petroleum accumulations?
40. Petroleum accumulations can only be proved after __________________ .
41. Commercial hydrocarbon accumulations can only be proved after performing ________________ .
42. Human civilizations used drilling technology for ________________ .
43. The first oil discovery was in ______________ , whereas the first nation to drill deep wells was _________________ .
44. Breakthrough of oil production all over the world was in _________________ .
45. The earliest known oil well was drilled in _________________ .
46. The first country to drill a commercial oil well was ___________________ .
47. A small exploratory oil well drilled in land not known to be an oil field to get the geological information is known as ____________ .
48. A well drilled in a land that has dry wells drilled earlier is a/an _________________ .
49. A well drilled in a land which has one discovery well drilled is a/an _________________ .
50. A well drilled in a land known to have proven commercial oil is a/an ____________________ .
Drilling Engineering - Introduction
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