Nature & Significance of Management Quiz

1. ‘Doing the task with minimum cost” name the term associated with management?
2. The objective of the Marketing Department of ‘KOTEX Ltd.’ is to increase sales by 10 per cent by offering discounts. But, the finance department may not approve of such discounts as it means loss of revenue. These kinds of conflict arise in organizations because each department performing activities in isolation from others and barriers betweendepartments are becoming more rigid. Identify the point of importance of coordination to which this case is related:
3. Policy formulation is the function of ____________________ .
4. Goal setting is the function of ______________________ .
5. How does a manager want to achieve his objectives?
6. Successful organizations do not achieve goals by chance but by following a deliberate process known as
7. Which one of the following sequences of process of management is correct:
8. Which degree is compulsory to become a manager?
9. In which of the following occupation, no minimum qualification is prescribed?
10. Managing Director will be considered under which level of management?
11. Foreman will be considered under which level of management?
12. Management is essential for the organizations which are ______________________ .
13. Successful management ensures that _________________________ .
14. Ravi works as a production manager in Rosy private Limited. He has been given the task of getting 10000 units of hand woven table mats manufactured at the cost of ₹150 per unit, within 100 days. In order to be acknowledged as an effective manager, he must ensure that ___________________________ .
15. Management is said to be poor if it is ____________________ .
16. Suzy Enterprises Limited is planning to increase its sales by 25% in the next year. Identify the feature of management being highlighted in the given statement.
17. Keeping in view ,the changes in the consumer demands and preferences, Royal Bakery‘ has reduced the sugar and fat content in its products. This approach of business shows that management is ________________ .
18. Management is considered to be an art because ______________________ .
19. ‘Corrective action’ comes under which function of management?
Nature & Significance of Management Quiz
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