Principles of Management Quiz

1. Mr Mukesh used to manufacture shoes by employing labour who were easily available. When his son after completion is MBA joined the business. He analysed that if we use capital intensive method by using a machine it will reduce the cost and the quality of shoes will also improve. Answer the following questions. Based on the above case studies. Which technique of scientific management is used by his son
2. What is the objective of that technique?
3. Mr Rajiv is the owner of “Laxmi Diary”.He is producing various milk products. He always tests various ways of producing different products and chooses the best and most economical way of production. He is also very particular about fixing a place for everything and he makes sure that all the employees are given a fixed place so that there is no wastage of time and delay in production Answer the following questions. Which technique of scientific management is applied by Mr. Rajiv?
4. Which principle of HenryFayol is followed by him?
5. Principles of Taylor and Fayol are mutually complementary. One believed that the management should share the gain with the workers while the other suggested that employee’s compensation should depend upon the earning capacity of the company and should give them a reasonable standard of living Answer the following questions Which principle of Fayol is applied here?
6. Which principle of Taylor is applied here?
7. Manager of ABC ltd. does not allocate work as per the capability of workers.Which principle is violated by them.
8. The salesman of ABC ltd. could not achieve his sales target of 1000 units, on enquiry it was found that he was not allowed to take decision related to give discount or credit to any of his customer. State the principle of Management violated in this case.
9. Suraj was engaged in the business of carpet making. Since company was making handmade carpet as well as machine made carpet. There were lot of overlapping of activities, so the Production manager advised there should be two separate division for both of them. Where in each division should have its own incharge plans and execution. Identify the principle of management insisted by production Manager.
10. Mr. Malhotra, Finance manager of ABC ltd. Applied for leave to attend a family function in Amritsar. The director of the company requested him to cancel his leave as there is an important meeting schedule on that date. Mr. Malhotra immediately agreed and cancelled his trip as he thought attending meeting is more import for company’s benefit Which principle of Fayol is applied by Mr. Malhotra?
11. The principles of management are said to be flexible as:
12. “Management principles are not as rigid as principles of pure science.” Which of the following best describes the given statement?
13. The principles are guidelines to action but do not provide readymade, straitjacket solutions to all managerial problems. This is so because _________.
14. “The principles of management are not rigid prescriptions, which have to be followed absolutely.” Which of the following best describes the given statement?
15. The application of principles has to be changed as per requirements. For example, employees deserve fair and just remuneration. But what is just and fair is determined by multiple factors. They include contribution of the employee, paying capacity of the employer and also prevailing wage rate for the occupation under consideration. Identify the nature of principles of management highlighted above.
16. A manager should have the right to punish a subordinate for wilfully not obeying a legitimate order but only after sufficient opportunity has been given to a subordinate for presenting her/his case. Identify the principle of management highlighted above.
17. According to Fayol, discipline requires__________.
18. ___________is an extension of the principle of division of work and specialization to the shop floor; and it violates the principle of Unity of command.
19. Which of the following technique of scientific management violate‘s the principle of Equity?
20. A worker directly contacts the CEO of the company with a complaint regarding working conditions in the factory. Which of the following principles is being violated here?
21. Same battery can be used in different mobile phones of a particular brand. This is an example of which of the following techniques of scientific management?
22. “She/he keeps machines, materials, tools etc., ready for operations by concerned workers’. Whose work is described by this sentence under functional foremanship?
23. Which one of the following statements best describes ‘Mental Revolution’ as described by F.W. Taylor?
24. In an organisation, each person should be scientifically selected. Then work assigned should suit his physical, mental and intellectual capabilities. To increase efficiency, they should be given the required training. Efficient employees would produce more and earn more. Which of the following principle of management is highlighted above?
25. According to this principle of management, there should be obedience to organisational rules and contract of employment, clear and fair decisions and judicious application of penalties which are necessary for the working of the organisation. The principle of management referred to above is:
26. Sanak and Gagan started their career in Wales Limited (a printing press) after going through a rigorous recruitment process. Since they had no prior work experience, the firm decided to give them one year to prove themselves. The principle of management followed by Wales Limited is__________.
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