Python Basics Quiz Questions and Answers

1. What type of language is Python?
2. Python language was named after?
3. Who is the creator of Python?
4. Which of the following is identified with Python?
5. Which of the following version of Python was released in October 5th, 2020 by
6. Python files are saved with the extension as _______________ ?
7. What is the name of the GUI that comes in-built as an interactive shell with Python?
8. IDLE stands for _________________ ?
9. The function to display a specified message on the screen is _______________ ?
10. Which of the following is an assignment operator in Python?
11. Comments in Python begin with _______________ ?
12. User input is read as __________________ ?
13. Which of the following function can be used to find the data type of a variable?
14. Which of the following is immutable (values that cannot be changed)?
15. Which of the following has only unique values?
16. What do you type to enter the interactive help mode of Python?
17. What type of error is shown when you use a variable without assigning an initial value?
18. For which type of error does the interpreter runs the program and does not report an error?
19. Which of the following is used to add an invisible tab character to the output?
20. Which of the following is used to enclose strings?
Python Basics MCQ Quiz Questions and Answers
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