Best Driver Updater For Windows 7-10-11

Best Driver Updater For Windows 7-10-11

Windows OS manages to get the highest share of users across the world according to 2022 statistics. Windows PCs come with device drivers installed in the PC. Device drivers are the software embedded in a computer to interact with any external hardware plugged into the system.

Most people use the best driver updater software for that. When any new device is inserted, they help the hardware get compatible with the native OS. It in-turn, informs the OS about the new hardware, its status, and operations that can be performed with the hardware for a reasonable communication to get established. It also alerts the user of the same.

For example, when you plug in your phone via USB to your PC, you are notified about the new hardware and operation you can perform with it.

Why should we update device drivers?

Well, technology is a running wheel. There are new devices every day, and new software updates every week. Tech communities are so engrossed in adding new features and fixing the existing bugs, such that every software becomes obsolete in no time. With regard to this, the device drivers in the PC are expected to adapt and handle these new features of the devices connected.

Windows automatically updates the drivers, with every new release. While sometimes, some drivers need to be updated manually. Driver updater satisfies this by analyzing the outdated drivers and repairing them by generally updating their software.

8 Best Driver Updater For Windows

There are many driver-updaters available. Let us see what each one of them has to offer us.

1. Driver Booster

DriverBooster is the most popular Windows best driver updater. There is a free and a paid version of this software available. You can complete your requirements using a free version only, as there is no significant difference between both versions. This app scans for all the obsolete drivers and prompts you to update them.

Driver Booster Driver Updater software For Windows

Before updating, be sure to check the last update time and the current version of the driver software. In the free version, you have to manually click every time you want to choose to proceed, while in the paid version, it updates all drivers in a single click.

However, it is easy to install, scan, and update the drivers without much hindrance. But this software is heavy on disk and gives a lengthy installation.

2. Driver Easy

DriverEasy is a good driver updater, which can be used to schedule a monthly timer for scan and update. It can be used at both personal and commercial level. DriverEasy also auto-scans for the old drivers and prompts for updates. It displays the hardware info along with the full system information. One of the best capabilities of this updater is to scan for drivers offline.

DriverEasy is a good driver updater for all windows os

This software comes with a 30-days free trial and money-back guarantee. But sometimes it fails to detect some of the drivers. The user has to click for every step during installation manually.

3. DriverMax

DriverMax is one of the useful apps available for driver updates. It is compatible with the latest Windows version. It automatically scans and detects the hardware unknown and displays it to the user.

DriverMax for windows operating system

But it mainly fails in the fact that the user cannot update drivers in the free version and can only scan, which is most disappointing. With this, it restricts the number of driver downloads per month to 10 and per day to 2. No bulk download of drivers can happen.

However, the user can schedule the scan for monthly intervals.

4. Driver Talent

Next on our list of best driver updater is DriverTalent. DriverTalent scans for the broken, outdated, and missing drivers and installs the lost drivers automatically. It allows you to create a stack of your Driver’s backup before updating to the new version. It is compatible with Windows XP and higher versions such as Windows 7-10 and 11.

However, it is not very efficient regarding download and installation, as the whole process seems very troublesome; and doesn’t automatically download detected cracked drivers.

5. Snappy Driver Installer

SnappyDriver is an impressive app concerning its features available in the free version. It is designed to install drivers both online and offline. The installation happens in terms of driver packages, which are bulky. You don’t have to install this software on the system as it can work like an external hard drive, hence the name.

It allows the user to install multiple drivers at a time without any limitations. It also detects multiple drivers but cannot run re-scheduled scans.

However, it is a decent choice, in case you want to install and run multiple drivers simultaneously.

6. Driver Identifier

DriverIdentifier is compatible both with 32 and 64-bit computers. It works differently compared to other installers. It detects the essential drivers that need to be updated and provides links to download the software.

DriverIdentifier is naggy in-terms that the user needs to register before accessing this app features. It cannot perform scheduled scans. With this, the user has to manually click on the link and download the software, which becomes heavy for user experience.

However, this best driver updater ensures that the majority of the links are from OEM, hence assuring better security and is comparatively easy to use.

7. Free Driver Scout

As the name suggests, it is a reasonable app with decent features for free version software. It has a million library databases, for device drivers and can recommend compatible software for different Windows Versions. It can perform multiple downloads and can schedule the scans for daily, weekly, and monthly routine. While it indicates the size of the drivers for download, it also allows rolling back to the existing version with a restore feature.

But Free Driver Scout fails to detect many drivers and also demands the closure of other apps while this is active.

8. Device Doctor

DeviceDoctor provides a very easy to use app interface owing to the fact that there no many features available except for scanning and scheduling the drivers in the free version. It pushes the user to go for a paid version to access many features. Apart from this, it restricts the user to download only one driver per day, which is a major let-down.

With this, we come to an end of our best driver updater for windows 7-10-11 list. We will constantly be updating this best driver updater list as new competitors and products are launched in the techno-sphere.

As mentioned above, there are a couple more apps available online, with features focusing on different aspects. While choosing, wisely select the device drivers, as it affects the overall system performance.

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