Best eBooks Torrent Sites

8 Best eBooks Torrent Sites 2022

E-books are the most convenient way of reading anytime and anywhere you want. They can easily be kept in your smartphones or computers, and you can open it and start reading. There are numerous sites available online form where you can download eBooks. But in this article, we have described some of the best eBook torrenting sites 2022. Let’s have a look:

Best Ebook Torrenting Sites

1. Torrent Downloads

Torrent downloads always secure the top position in the list of top best eBooks torrenting sites. The site contains 17 billion e-books in diverse genres- comedy, horror, philosophy, and more.

Another fantastic feature of this site is that you can also have an audiobook here. It provides you with the downloading link with each eBook so that you can easily download your favorite eBooks. In addition to this, the site supports no advertisements to enhance user experience.

2. Planet eBook

Planet eBook is another best name in the eBooks torrent site. The site has more than 55k collections of classic eBooks. It is definitely for someone who loves literature, and reading it is their habit. It doesn’t have any pop-up advertisements that discard the user experience. The site is user-friendly, and you can find eBooks in multiple categories and download whichever you want.


EBOOKEE, as the name implies, is an excellent platform for reading and downloading the eBooks. It consists of a variety of eBooks on subjects such as technology, nonfiction, novels, tutorials, etc.

A wonderful characteristic of EBOOKEE is that it has an easy categorization of ‘recently viewed books’, top 10 eBooks, top 10 users, and latest added books. It makes it easier for the users to find their eBooks whichever they are looking for.

4. Smashwords

Smashwords is considered to be the largest store for eBooks downloading. The network has made it convenient for users worldwide to download any eBooks. It has more than 51000 multi-format eBooks, and 82000 eBooks are available for free.

It also gives an excellent opportunity for the publishers to get listed in their book. The user interface of this site is beautiful with fast and smooth downloading of eBooks. All you have to do is to register on the website, and you are all set to explore the library of eBooks.

5. BookShare

Bookshare is a great torrenting site that is hugely determined to provide thousands of eBooks. The site has a decent interface, which makes it a perfect choice for all book lovers. You have to sign up on the website and search for your desired eBooks.

The site contains a vast collection of eBooks related to computers, cooking, fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, comic, and other genres. You can download the eBooks for free in full version, and also you can read them online.


Wikipedia is our favorite, but there are Wikibooks where you can browse from a comprehensive collection of eBooks belong to a variety of genres. The eBooks are available in different languages for the comfort of people. All you are supposed to do is to type the name of the eBooks in the search bar and press enter. You can avail of any eBooks for free. The user interface of this site is very intuitive, so you will not face any problem while downloading your loved eBooks. The wiki book provides separate links for downloading the eBooks.

7. ManyBooks

Manybooks, just like its name, stands for many eBooks. The books are available both for free and various discount deals to purchase the book. The site is compatible with all platforms like kindle, nook, or iPad. The interface is very intuitive and keeps users engaged with it for a long time.

They have more than 3300 thousand eBooks along with other educational books. However, there is no registration option available, but you can subscribe to their newsletter for getting the latest book updates.

6., like its title, provides a wide variety of free eBooks. The site is very beneficial for users who do not want to spend much on buying books from outside. The different eBooks are available in high quality, and you can access them all for free.

To become a member of their community, visit the website and register on it. There is an extensive library of eBooks –philosophy, politics, comics, literature, biography, horror, and more. The site continually updates its list of eBooks for the best experience of their users.

6. The Pirate Bay

Founded in the year 2003, the pirate bay is running amazingly well for downloading eBooks. You can get the books of all categories here like fiction, non-fantasy, fantasy, and that too for free.

You can also help other people find some interesting books you noticed and make your valuable contribution to the site. Other than the books, the site also supports free downloads of a variety of movies and games. The place is 100% safe, and you do not have to worry about the virus while downloading from this torrent site.

7. MyPDFbooks

MyPDFbooks is the best eBooks torrent site that allows you to download your eBooks sin PDF or e-pub format. The site supports diverse categories of eBooks, including fiction, nonfiction, medical and tech books.

Apart from the search feature to browse million of eBooks, the site also has links for publications by author and links for books by genres. Also, you can subscribe to the site and get updates and notifications for the latest books available on the site.

8. Extratorrents

With ExtraTorrent, you can download the torrent file for your eBooks for free. The main reason for listing its name in the top best eBooks torrenting sites list is that it has eBooks in diverse categories like drama, comedy, horror, etc.

A search option is available to get your searched book and its corresponding link quickly. Additionally, you can share the torrent file links with your friends. You can either sign up on the website or access it for free. If you want to get information about the most preferred books by other readers, you can become part of the community and participate in the active discussions going on.

So these are the top best eBooks torrent sites of the year 2022. Do check them out and let us know about your favorites in the comments section below!

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