Best No Crop Apps For Instagram and WhatsApp

5 Best No Crop Apps For Instagram and WhatsApp

There is no question that Instagram and WhatsApp are always getting new users that are added to their database day by day. It is one of the most popular applications in the store in the photo-sharing category as well as the general category.

There are a few annoying things about both applications. When people try to post their pictures on this platform, there is a modification in quality sometimes. This application also reduces the original resolution of the picture, and there is no way to revert that by default. Thanks to the developers, there are many applications that help the user post the original photo without the resolution change on the Instagram and WhatsApp platforms.

Best No Crop Apps For Instagram and WhatsApp

Below are the few applications we have compiled here which help the users achieve the original resolution on Instagram as well as the WhatsApp chatting application.

1. No Crop & Square for Instagram

No Crop Pic for Instagram

  • You can share photos with their original size retained on Instagram.
  • You can rotate the photos and also flip them using the Flip feature provided in the application.
  • Use multiple photos to create a collage.
  • It has 32+ filters that you can use to make your images seem more realistic.
  • You can also add beautiful text with a variety of fonts to your images
  • Share all the awesome edits that you have edited on all the social networking platform by using just a single tap

Download No Crop Pic for Instagram

2. Square InstaPic – Photo Editor

Square InPic - Photo Editor & Collage Maker

  • This application is used for adding filters to your pictures.
  • You can also add attractive text features to your pictures.
  • The feature which we all want- the No Crop feature which keeps your resolution to the max
  • Adjust the contrast of your photos so that you can adjust the luminance of your image and make the objects in it distinguish so that they look better.
  • Modify the brightness of your pictures so that they look normal
  • Change the intensity of the colors in a photo by using saturation and much more.
  • You can also make use of the Emoji feature this application provides in order to express yourself better

Download Square InstaPic Application

3. Square Quick Pro-No Crop Photo

Square Quick

  • Add a number of background effects on your images.
  • Express yourself in a unique manner by using emojis so that there is no miscommunication and more entertainment
  • Add loads and loads of color marks on your pictures using the Corner Mark feature.
  • Get the most popular hashtags suggested to you in-app so that you can get more likes and follows on Instagram’s social network.
  • Save all the images you modify in your gallery and easily share it on multiple social networking websites using the Quick Share feature.
  • Light leak is the effect of a light falling on an object or a scene to represent something. Easily add light leak effects to your images.

Download Square Quick Application

4. Insta Square Lite: Size Collage

InstaSquare Photo Editor-Blur Image Background

  • Add a Blur effect to your image
  • Add solid as well as pattern backgrounds to your images
  • You can also add gradients to your background
  • There are loads of filters (15+) for you to enjoy
  • Edit your picture, enhance it by editing the corners or anything else just the way you want
  • Drag and drop things on images
  • You can zoom in or zoom out depending on the accuracy you need while editing the image files
  • You can also rotate the photos, as well as one tap, flip them
  • Use the Quick Share feature to share the images on your favorite social networks
  • Add impressive-looking text on your pictures and use custom fonts as well

Download InstaSquare Photo Editor

5. Instasize: Photo Editor + Collage

Instasize Photo Editor + Collage

  • Get a number of features rich and free image filters.
  • Change the intensity of your filters by using the bar provided to you
  • Share pictures by using Email, Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Change the brightness of your images to make them look appropriate
  • Change the contrast in order to adjust the luminance of the objects around
  • Intensify or decrease shadows
  • Add highlights
  • Use a vignette in order to change the mood of your image
  • Add frames as well as custom backgrounds to your pictures

Download Instasize: Photo Editor + Collage Application

At Nutshell

Above are the best applications available in the market. They are top grossing as well as top-rated and dominating in their own domain. You can quickly post images with the original resolutions and use your imagination in order to make them look better using the applications mentioned above. Make sure to try them all so that you know what suits you better and what you find more comfortable to use.

Thank you for reading. Furthermore, if you are using any best No Crop Apps For Instagram and WhatsApp then please share name of app by do commenting below.

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