How to Block KB4056892 Update From Installing on Windows 10

How to Block KB4056892 Update From Installing on Windows 10?

People have tried to install the KB4056892 update… they inevitably did not experience anything useful yet. The big problem is the whole update itself because it led the computers to an infinite boot loop. The operating system never starts up!

The people did try rebooting multiple times only to find out that the update was rolled back eventually. This might have been good news… unfortunately… it was not. This only made the problem worse than before because there were prompts with the error 0x800f0845 which forced itself upon the users, stating that they needed to update their operating system to the version KB4056892 and it was an emergency update.

People have been wondering whether there will be a solution to this problem. That is the reason we have created this guide to eliminate the KB4056892 update problem.

It was Jan 8th when, and Windows stated that it was an emergency patch. This patch was supposed to clear the flaws with specific CPUs due to which the vulnerabilities related to them would have been eliminated.

This was a major miscalculation and the update was not installed in loads and loads of Windows users, it still remains a mystery. We suggest that you do not install this update because it might cause a permanent issue in your system and lead to problems which are unbearable.

Yes, the update which Windows have provided might have been an excellent one and might have installed correctly on your system, but the thing is that most users are not able to operate on their systems. Yes, the operating system will roll back the bad updates in case the reboots occur for a considerable number of times. However, if the problems still remains and doesn’t go away. The error codes 0x800f0845 will still be persistent, and the pop-ups will still be the one to annoy you to the core.

How to deal with KB4056892 update?

The vast majority of the computing systems were affected by the KB4056892 update which is related to the AMD processor, this also caused problems for the computing systems which consisted of the intel, Athlon and arm processors.

Several technical professionals have commented on these issues saying that the problems are in the components and the processors of this particular update and that is the core reason for the KB4056892 bug. The problems caused by the update after rolling it back is because of the Microsoft company and that is the reason that even the Microsoft company is at fault for doing this.

In the scenario where you have already damaged the system by installing the faulty update that AMD and Microsoft have sent, it might be a wise decision to roll back the update and then use system restore in order to completely restore your system to a point where there was no such error.

Once you are done with the System Restore thing, you might want to disable the Microsoft updates for some time so that there are no further problems and it does not prompt you to update it again. Here we share 2 methods to Block KB4056892 Update From Installing on Windows 10.

2 Fixes for KB4056892 Update Issues:

In case your system does not boot up at all, skip the first fix

Fix 1: Rolling back your update

If you are not able to boot up your computer, you should try restarting it multiple times. After some time, the system will automatically roll all the updates back in case the reboot count reached the threshold defined in your Windows version.

You should enable the System Restore Point option once you are done rolling back and make sure that the System Restore Point is at the time stamp where the KB4056892 was not present.

  • Open up the Start menu and search for the Restore Point in the input box
  • Select the option for Creating a Restore Point
    create restore point in windows 10
  • Select System Restore and then hit the Next button
  • Make sure to tick the Show More Restore Points button so that there are more options visible
  • Use the restore point which were before the KB4056892 bug hit and then wait for the OS to be restored!

Fix 2: Use Command Prompt

  • Start up your device using the bootable image which you have downloaded.
  • Use the Repair option and open Troubleshoot > Advanced > CMD
  • Type wmic logicaldisk get name
  • Type DIR C, hit Enter
  • Type C: and hit Enter
  • Type dism /image:C:\\ /Remove-Package
    Use Command Prompt to Block KB4056892 Update From Installing on Windows 10
  • Press Enter
  • Close CMD
  • Restart your PC

Abow 2 ways help you to Block KB4056892 Update From Installing on Windows 10.


Above fixes are a sure shot way to end all those annoying errors and boot loops. Make sure you follow all the steps and enter the appropriate commands thoroughly. We hope that this guide helps you. Good luck!

Video Tutorial for Uninstall Meltdown/Spectre Patch (KB4056892) in Windows 10 and Prevent it from Reinstalling:

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