How to Block Microsoft Account Unusual Sign-in Activity Phishing Scam

How to Block Microsoft Account Unusual Sign-in Activity Phishing Scam?

This is an issue which is faced by loads of users who use the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The email received by the user on their account says that Microsoft account unusual sign-in activity and the sender’s email id is the Microsoft team’s official email address. When they are clicking on the link which they are provided by the Microsoft services, some users have found the link to be suspicious and reported it to some official forums. The email says that the users will not be able to send any emails because their outlook account will be blocked from doing so. But when they test it out, they are somehow able to send all the messages which they need to send. *The send the emails and have confirmed that the users on the other end are receiving them. They have also tested whether they receive any incoming emails and they have successfully received them from different senders.

Yes, the organisation does report in case there is unusual activity if there is any and in 99% of the cases, the emails will not be a scam. But these are the type of emails in which most of the users do not necessarily check the details before entering their credentials and that is what the people with malicious intent do. We highly recommend that you check the details of the mail which you receive and make sure that you do not click any suspicious links when prompted to do so. Because if there is an attacker behind this thing, all your credentials, emails and probably more important things will be lost and you won’t be able to retrieve them back until it is too late.

The email which you receive will look like the real deal because they use the exact same format for it. The email address will also look the same but will differ by a bit in order to confuse you. They will use syllables like “rn” instead of “m”. You should always try to cross check with the official Microsoft email support whether the mail you received is legitimate or not. You should also make sure that the shield icon whose outlook presents to you in order to assure you that the email is safe and present.

The phishing message conveyed to you will be somewhat similar to:

From: Outlook Administrator

Date: March 11, 2017 at 8:46:48 AM EDT

Subject: Microsoft account unusual sign-in activity

Unusual Activity Detected

We detected something unusual about a recent activity to the Microsoft account. To help keep you safe, we required an extra security challenge. You will need to verify your Microsoft email account below to confirm that the recent activity was yours and to regain access and enjoy our unlimited service.

Verify Now

What happened?

Using a shared computer to access your account.

Logging in your Microsoft account from blacklisted IP.

Microsoft account unusual sign-in activity.

Thanks for using your Microsoft account to bring the people who matter most together in one place. You can change your Connection settings anytime and find more ways to connect at fourteen/genericons/font/dirrect.php.

See you online,

The Microsoft team

You will be taken to the fake login page if you visit the link which has been shared with you using the scam email. It might also consist of malicious scripts which could be injected on your computer. If you login using the real credentials, your account will be taken over.

2 Fixes to get rid of Microsoft account unusual sign-in activity Issue

How to get rid of Microsoft account unusual sign-in activity Issue? Sometimes your account will load and for quicker access you sign into your Microsoft account automatically. Anyway, check these 2 ways to fix this issue.

Fix 1: Getting an antivirus software

Getting antivirus software is an ideal thing to do in order to block phishing attacks is an essential thing to do. There are various free antivirus software available such as the avast free antivirus. You can get one and enable browser protection in order to have a safe and secure experience surfing through the internet.

Fix 2: Adding the spam email to the list of blocked emails IDs

Adding the spam email to the list of blocked emails IDs in Outlook

  1. Change the password of your Outlook account first
  2. Open the Settings menu by clicking the wheel icon
  3. Open Options
  4. Select the Safe and Blocked Senders tab
  5. Use the Add to List button
  6. Add the Email to the list

You should contact the support team in case this does not fix your problems and you are still receiving Microsoft account unusual sign-in activity emails.

At Nutshell

The methods which are mentioned above are the best ways you can try in order to avoid security issues and fake emails such as Microsoft account unusual sign-in activity. Make sure you follow each and every step mentioned in this guide and we assure you that you won’t get any spam emails. In case you are spammed with other phishing emails, make sure to block them as well.

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