FIX Wi-Fi Authentication Errors on Android

FIX Wi-Fi Authentication Errors on Android

A properly functioning Wi-Fi signal is what all of us look for no matter where we are. It’s the first and foremost thing we check for when lodging in a hotel, walking into a cafe, or even one of the first things we set up in our new homes.

But, if you have ever faced sign-in authentication errors when you need a strong Wi-Fi connection, then you’ll know how frustrating it can get. Given that most modern day professions require an active Wi-Fi connection. Even an hour without proper Wi-Fi may seem like a whole day gone to waste.

Wifi authentication error are really frustrating and annoying. Sometimes you might be certain that you’re inputting the correct password, but it just doesn’t seem to connect!

FIX Wi-Fi Authentication Error on Android [UPDATED]

In situations like this, what do you do?

Here are some quick hacks for you to solve the Wi-Fi authentication error issue by yourself which means you don’t have to pay a dime to any technician or ask for outside help.

1. Resetting the Wi-Fi Connection

Sometimes the solution is as simple as resetting the Wi-Fi connection. This implies forgetting the Wi-Fi network you’re trying to connect to and trying connecting to it again.

  1. Go to your device’s settings and select Wi-Fi. (Setting -> Wi-Fi)
  2. Find the network you wish to connect to but are having authentication problems with.
  3. After long pressing on the network’s name, a menu will pop up, select Modify Network Configuration.
  4. Simply click ‘Forget Network’ from the pop-up window
  5. After forgetting the network, restart the modem/router.

Once you have done that try and connect to the network again after inputting the correct password.

2. Wireless Network Name Duplicates

This may sound elementary, but it is often the simple details that we tend to forget. More often than not when we get the Wifi Authentication Error message, it is because of a mismatch in the username and the password of the network. Now, you may have the password written or saved on your phone, but it could just be that the network you’re trying to connect to doesn’t match it because it has the same name as the network whose password you’re entering.

This happens with public Wi-Fi networks especially, like those in railway stations, universities, cafes, or hotels. There’s always a good chance that network names that are generic may have a duplicate just around you and as a result, your device is catching that signal as well.

In this case, it’s no surprise that you’re having an authentication error issue. If it’s your own private network, start by changing the name of the network to something more personal and distinguished, perhaps your name.

If it’s a public Wi-Fi network, just ask the manager around to identify the authentic one that matches the password given to you.

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3. Change the Wireless Network Settings

Another common reason behind the authentication error is an IP conflict, which means that the best thing you can do in this case is to change the wireless setting. Doing this will take you from the DHCP (default) to a Static IP.

How can this be done?

  1. Simply go to your setting and select the Wi-Fi option.
  2. After long pressing on the particular network sim, the same window as in point #1 will pop up.
  3. In this case, go with the other option, that is ‘Modify Network Configuration.’ Tap on the advanced options box.
  4. You will see the DHCP option. Go ahead and tap on it. This will show you the only other option that should be the Static option. After you select it, you should be able to see an IP address field.
  5. When this appears, save the information you see in the Static IP address field.
  6. Go ahead and erase and retype the same data and save it. But, make sure that you are entering the absolutely correct data. If not, you may have to call your internet service provider to ask for the same, to be sure.

Most probably, above steps will FIX Wi-Fi Authentication Error on Android.

4. Reset all Network Settings

When all else fails, it’s time to wipe off all the previous settings and refresh and reset everything. This includes all the connections including mobile network, Bluetooth, and wireless network all at the same time. This isn’t a 100% guaranteed rectification method, but it has been useful a lot of times.

All you need to do is go to settings, select Backup and Reset -> Network Reset, and then tap on Reset Settings.

One of the pros of this method is that the process doesn’t take too long. When it is completed, try logging into the network that showed wifi authentication error issues this time. It will most likely connect. This process won’t cost you any essential data, but you will lose all the data from the connections before.

Make sure you remember the passwords wherever applicable.

5. Airplane Mode

If all else fails, try the good old Airplane mode. This mode is used in flights, is when we’re listening to music, playing games, or just watching something on the device and don’t want to be disturbed. But, most people don’t know that it can also fix a Wi-Fi authentication error issue. This comes in handy when you’re mobile network is interfering, and your phone cannot connect to a network.

This method is the easiest to implement.

All you have to do is:

  1. Pull down the Quick settings menu on your device,
  2. Turn off both Wi-Fi and the mobile network. Once these two are turned off,
  3. You can go ahead and select the Airplane mode by pulling down the Quick Settings menu again.

Now, with the Airplane mode active, switch on the Wi-Fi and connect to the network you wish by going to the settings. If you see that the Wi-Fi is not connecting without any error, go ahead and switch the Airplane mode off. You can even enable the mobile network as well. This method is super simple and easy but not used often. It is the quickest and easiest way to get reconnected with the Wi-Fi network without any more issues.

So before you freak out and rush to the service center the next you face the Wi-Fi authentication issue, try these methods and you may find them useful.

Furthermore, if you still facing the issue of Wi-Fi Authentication on Android device then let us know by commenting below.

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