How to Find People Online on Zabasearch

How to Find People Online on Zabasearch?

I stumbled upon my old friend’s photograph when I was cleaning my shelf. The old memories came back and suddenly, I felt an urge to contact him. I tried searching him on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites to no avail. Then, came Zabasearch to my rescue. I was able to find the contact information including address and phone number of my friend on Zabasearch with ease.

Zabasearch is a free search engine to find people located in the United States. It provides the basic personal information of the individuals. You can find address, phone number and age of the individual you are looking for.

The free people search offered by ZabaSearch is primarily used to find or verify the address, phone number and age of any individual in the US. It is called a search engine for a reason. ZabaSearch does not store any information on its server. It collects information regarding individuals from public records and websites and compiles it to display on their website in real time.

How does Zabasearch collect Information?

When I first used Zabasearch to find information about my friend and found the required information on the website, I was happy and curious. I was curious to find out how Zabasearch collects information of the individuals. In fact, I was worried that Zabasearch might be buying bulk data from any third party and sharing it on their website. I must say my worry was misplaced.

Zabasearch doesn’t buy or store data of any individual. It crawls the web to find information regarding individuals from public records available on different websites. The sources of public information include property records, voter registration records, court records, social media sites, personal websites, sweepstake entries, survey forms and other websites. Zabasearch is able to get our personal information absolutely free from these sources. It also explains why Zabasearch is able to provide personal information on their website without any cost.

All the information available on Zabasearch is a matter of public record. They don’t reveal any information which is not available online for access. Zabasearch only provides a platform to display the compiled basic personal information of individuals in the US to the public.

If your personal information is not available on any website or public records, your information will not be available on Zabasearch.

How to Find People Online on ZabaSearch?

I came up with so many results with identical names when I was searching for my friend on Zabasearch by entering the First and Last names of my friend. I narrowed the search down to State and the number of results came down, but still, there were many. Then I further narrowed the search to City and finally, I found the details of my friend on Zabasearch.

You can find people online on Zabasearch in many ways. It offers to search by Name, City, State and Phone Number. The maximum number of search results is capped to 100 to prevent misuse of the platform.

I have explained all the Search Options available on Zabasearch below:

1. Search by Name

Search by Name and Advanced People Search in ZabaSearch

As the name suggests, you have to enter the name of the individual you are looking for. You can select the state if you know the location of the individual you are searching for. If you don’t know the location, you can keep the default selection “All 50 States”. Click on the “Search” button. All the individuals having identical searched names will be displayed on the website. In the search results, you have option to filter the result by City & Age. It should be noted that age of the individual was missing in most of the search results.

2. Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup on Zabasearch

You can also search for an individual on Zabasearch by his/her phone number. Click on “Reverse Phone Lookup” from the menu. Now, enter the phone number of the individual you are searching for and click on “Search” button. The search results will show the name and address of the person with searched phone number.

3. Advanced People Search

In this option, you have a choice to enter the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name separately along with City & State. After entering the required information, the search results will show the persons with identical names in the selected city.

4. Top 25 Name Searches

Zabasearch displays the list of top 25 searches on their website based on the number of times the visitors searched for an individual on the website. This list of most commonly searched individuals is updated in real-time.

5. Premium(Paid) Search Options on Zabasearch

Zabasearch has partnered with Intelius, another people search website, to offer paid search options. You can run a background check and reverse phone search through the Intelius platform to find additional information regarding any individual.

6. Background Check on

You can run a background check on any individual on through Zabasearch Premium Services option. The Background Check Service includes criminal records, marriage and divorce records, legal cases, bankruptcies, liens and other information. On payment of the prescribed fees, you can access this information on

7. Reverse Phone Search

Zabasearch has included Reverse Phone Search in its Premium Service Offerings through The Reverse Phone Search option will help you identify the owner of the Phone Number and his/her personal information.

Above 7 ways will help you to Find People Online on Zabasearch.


1. Does Zabasearch violate privacy?

If you look for news on Zabasearch, you will see that most of it are related to concerns regarding privacy. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I was concerned, too.

So, how does Zabasearch fare when it comes to privacy?

I have already covered the facts regarding how Zabasearch collects information regarding the people it displays on its website. It collects information from the public records available on various government and social websites. Zabasearch doesn’t store information. Zabasearch doesn’t buy any third-party data.

Since Zabasearch doesn’t share any information that is not in the public domain, it can be said with certainty that it doesn’t violate privacy. It serves its users as a search engine(like Google) and disseminates information whenever any visitor searches for any individual or phone number.

To make it even more user-friendly for those concerned with privacy, Zabasearch provides the option to block your information from the search results by requesting to remove your information.

To summarize, Zabasearch only shares the information already available online on various websites across the globe. It also allows you to remove your information from the search results. It doesn’t buy or store any data. And, it doesn’t violate your privacy because it is a search engine to find people online.

2. How to remove your Personal Information from Zabasearch?

To protect your privacy, Zabasearch has enabled its users to remove their information from displaying in its search results. You can simply opt out of the Zabasearch listing by filling in the Opt-out form provided on

The opt-out process can be completed by following the below steps:

  • Visit URL –
  • Search your name by filling in your First Name, Last Name and City/State.
  • Select the listing with your personal details from the search results.
  • Submit your opt-out request.
  • Your personal information will be removed from Zabasearch and within 15 days.

Having addressed the problem of removing your personal information from Zabasearch, you should also know that your name can show up again if your personal information crops up on any new website or your personal details have been updated on any site.

3. Is it possible to prevent Zabasearch from finding information on the Web?

As long as your information is available online, your information is public and can be accessed without any restrictions. If you are concerned about privacy, you should be more cautious about sharing your information on any website while signing up on social media sites or any other website. You should not provide your personal information in any survey, online form, online forums, etc.

In spite of your best efforts to keep your personal information from showing up online, there is no guarantee that any third party will not put your information online without your knowledge.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article will help you to Find People Online on Zabasearch. Furthermore, if you have still any problems regarding Zabasearch then do comment below. I am happy to help you.

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