How to Find Profitable Blog Niche to Make Money

How to Find Profitable Blog Niche to Make Money?

Finding a niche for a blog is the pillar of blogging. This is the most critical part of blogging as well. In this blog, you would be able to identify the opportunities to find profitable blog niche to make money. Before that please classify what you are from the following two types-

  1. I am a subject matter expert ( A Professional)
  2. No. I am not, I am a Generalist

Blogging is not only technical people’s forte. The content management groups like WordPress, Blogger & Hosting relating companies GoDaddy & Bluehost have made life much easier for everyone. This blog will help you to find profitable blog niche to make money for each category of expertise one by one.

1. Blogging Niche for a Subject Matter Expert

This means you have thorough knowledge about a subject or you have enough experience in any particular field related to life. Your field of expertise should be your blog niche.

You can earn extra money with ease through blogging because:

  • You will take less time in research related to your field of expertise.
  • You can share the actual tips.
  • Your advice will be more heard and read carefully.
  • You will be able to share the business cases that will help readers to understand the topics of the blog.
  • You know the technicalities thus you will be able to answer questions related to your field in comments on the blog which will further increase the visitors & fan followings. Remember: More visitors -> More money

Let’s take an example of a Lawyer and try to find a blog niche:

  • You are a professional lawyer and have good experience in finance related cases or maybe you have experience with divorce related cases. These may be your niche.
  • Some other example may be:
    Taxation or Property Taxation, Tax exception on exports and Labor law (a good niche for HR professional as well).

Let’s take another example of a professional like doctor:

  • You are a doctor have expertise in a dedicated field like transplantation, surgeries, beautification etc.

2. Blogging Niche for Generalist

Be positive, The word of blogging is more open to you. You can too make a lot of money from blogging even if you are not an expert. Because in our day to day life we come across a lot of small-small challenges. Our birth ability to solve these small-small problems makes us smart enough to solve those problems.

You can choose those small topics to make a profitable niche blog and make money easily. People are doing it on daily basis. Find out few examples of niche blogs from day to day life:

WhatsApp jokes ( I am sure you have lots of jokes, ever thought it may be a money making blog niche) search in Google and you will get your answer.

  • Zip /Pin code data
  • PC laptop tips shortcuts (you know many of those)
  • Mobile app help (how to play a particularly popular game (online or offline games)
  • How to/use an app (you might be expert on a particular mobile app)
  • Car Maintenance, Yoga, fitness etc.

Think think and thinks. Look around and find what is in which you can write many pages. you can convert those pages into blog posts and make a lot of money making blog.

After reading this blog, I hope now you will never ask about how to find profitable blog niche to make money.

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