How To See Wifi Password In The Pc

How to see wifi password in the pc?

There Are Some Steps For The see Wifi Password in just 30 Seconds:

1. Press Windows Key + R

First, Start Your PC/Laptop then Press the Windows key with R.

2. Write ncpa.cpl

Write ncpa.cpl in the box and click on OK.

Network Connection-1

3. Select Wi-fi

In this Step, First Right click from selected Wi-Fi and then click on Status.

Network Connection-2

4. Wifi Status

After selected the Wi-Fi, Just Click on Wireless Properties.

Wi-fi Status

5. Wireless Network Properties

After following 4th step, click on Security.

Wireless Network Properties-1

And just click on Checkbox.

Wireless Network Properties-2

That’s It.

Now you will seen the Wi-Fi Password in any PC/Laptop within 30 Seconds.

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