How to Use Keyword Research Tools to Find Right Keywords

How to Use Keyword Research Tools to Find Right Keywords?

In my two articles on SEO “8 On-page SEO Techniques to Rank on The First Page of Google” and “How to Make WordPress Blog Post SEO Friendly Yoast Plugin” We have discussed using the keywords inside blog post or page.

While both articles are extremely helpful to give your website a boost in search engine ranking but these were unable to focus on finding the right keyword for your blog post.

We all use keyword research tools to find keyword search volume, most searched keywords and long-tail keywords & take help from Google keyword planner and its alternatives as keyword analytics tool. That helps to conduct targeted research on keywords to find combinations of keywords, key phrases and long-tail keywords.

One of the common challenges faced by many users is to decide which keyword to use out of all suggested and analysed list of keywords and key phrases. I mean, using a good keyword research tool we may get lot of insights on volume competition, CPC bidding etc but we are unable to find which keyword combination or keyword alternative would be best for my blog post topic.

This article will help you to Use Keyword Research Tools to decide which keyword you should choose for your blog or website.

Before we start, I want you to make a targeted statement that will help you to make focused decision in choosing right keyword and long-tail keyword (or maybe the right keyword combination). The statement should be very clear about what you want from the blog post for which you are doing keyword research. Trust me, This is the best way to get maximum returns out of this blog post.

  • A general targeted statement could be: I want more email subscribers.
  • The more focused and specific statement could be: I want more male email subscriptions from the US aged between 30 to 40.

Now once you have finished your own version of targeted statement, it is time to find the critical attributes of your target audience from the targeted statement. In the second statement (which is more targeted) the attributes of target visitors are:-

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 30 to 40
  • Geography: US
  • What is desired from visitors: email subscription ( anticipated action from visitors)

Use Keyword Research Tools to Find Best Keywords for Blog Post

Now use Keyword Research Tools (like Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, Kissmetrics etc) to find the right keyword for your blog post or website page. Now with the help of these tools follow the below tips:

1. Keyword vs Long-tail Keyword (key phrases)

Keep it simple, If you want more and more views, probably want more visibility. (an advertisement kind of thing) and brand promotion then looks for a keyword that has more searches.

On the other hand, if you want some serious readers, who should come to your site, read the full article (invest their time) then choose the long-tail keyword, it would work best for your blog post. This kind of keyword combination or key phrase may be attracting less traffic but those visitors will give you more email subscription or referral sales and depending upon the quality of your blog post or page you get better links as well.

In brief, if you want some action then choose long tail keyword from the keyword analytics tools related to your niche.

2. Choose Keyword According to Location

The keywords and key phrases may change location to location. As per the current statement, We are looking for visitors from the US than from keyword analytics tools choose a widely searched long-tail keyword from the US (or your desired and targeted location).

3. Keywords in Relation to Age

People from different age groups use different keywords for the same thing, the analytics tools (most of them) give you data or insights on number of searches according to keywords. Choose according to your target statement.

4. Choose According to Gender

The number of searches varies for different gender. Like, Keyword searches related to finance is more found among male and keyword searches for personal care, beatification would be high for females. The keyword analytics tools can give you a proper number against the keywords according to gender.

5. Language

Don’t be ignorant about language, If your target audience is highly localized then choose the keywords according to language as well. Few keyword tools can give insights according to language as well.

Thank you for reading. This is all about how to use keyword research tools to find the right keywords.

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