Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast

[100% Working] 7 Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast in 2022 ????

Hello, our readers welcome to our blog today and write an article on how to get AdSense approval fast. In this post, I am dropping factors that are affecting people but they don’t know and I will list them and how to tackle it.

So before thinking of applying for Google AdSense there are three things you must have at your back of your head before applying.

  1. Don’t tell people about the site keep your site in the shadows till after approval to avoid people copying your content.
  2. Make sure your content is not copied it was written by you 100% unique.
  3. Make sure your email contains no phone number or has a different number don’t use one number on multiple emails.

Factors Hindering You From Getting Adsense Approval

There are 7 factors that might be the reason for getting rejected by Google Adsense.

  1. Short or Poor content (less than 500words)
  2. Your site is a music blog (google does not approve anything called download site)
  3. No clean site design or navigating
  4. Copy and paste (lazy blogger’s way)
  5. Copied images (copy and paste)
  6. Multiple applications using the same phone and browser.
  7. Add About Us, Contact, and privacy policy etc Page’s.

How to Tackle Hindering Factors and Get Google Adsense Approval Fast?

1. Short and poor content

These days bloggers prefer to write short content and they will say only traffic matters forgetting that they will one day look for solutions on how to get Adsense approval. So make sure your content is above 700 words, let the Minimum is 500 words.

2. Your Site is a Music Blog

My dear google does not approve anything with the download so even if you want to Get Adsense Approval on your blog that means that you will have to write content and trash the old ones. I don’t mean delete you need to trash them and write content above 500 words after approval you can resume your music blogging.

3. No Clean Site Design and Navigating

Before you apply for Google Adsense or can Get Adsense Approval to make sure that your site has a clean and simple design and clean navigation and load fast.

4. Copy and Paste Content

These days nobody wants to write content from their head forgetting that content is the king. If you start copying and pasting blogging, you will not last in the game and google will never I mean never approve your blog even though you use a content rewriter.

5. Copied Images

Before you Get Adsense Approval I have explained it to those of you that copy from another blog and put it in your you will still copy the image which is not original. So. Before you write content don’t copy make sure you download and upload the image to avoid PALGERISIM.

6. Multiple Applications Using The Same Phone and Browser

Before you Get Adsense Approval or apply for google Adsense make sure you use the incognito tab to apply and once a phone is used too much for approval is likely that Google will not approve the site because they are good at tracking IPs and stuff like that.

7. Add About, Contact, and Privacy Policy Pages

For your site to be authentic for google to approve you add those pages it’s helpful to Get Adsense Approval.

So with this above information, I can tell you your approval is set to make sure you are not violating AdSense Program Policies or any of these rules if you abiding your site is ready.

If you are having any issues please use the comment box and don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook page to keep you updated.

Thank you for reading. ????

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