Tips for Setting Powerful Goals

3 Tips for Setting Powerful Goals in 2022

Different people view success in different ways, but one thing that’s universal about success is that we all want it. We try to set up goals for ourselves each time so that we can remain in focus. That’s one thing that’s good about setting goals: it keeps us concentrated on what we want.

Life seems dull when we don’t know which direction we’re going. Life goals make our everyday lives colorful. It gives us a reason to wake up each day. But just like, our goals could also be the one thing that can turn our sky from blue to grey. Most of us feel that the most important aspect of setting goals is to achieve it. They get discouraged whenever they feel that their goals are too far out of their reach or if they failed to commit to their goal.

It’s not about achieving your goal.

What really matters about setting those goals is how you went ahead to achieve it, and how it changed you in the process. Achieving one goal won’t get you near to finally achieving success. Your road to getting there depends on how much you’ve changed positively while in the process of attaining your goals. That’s the real path to success.

Failing to accomplish one goal doesn’t mean that you failed completely. You might have failed on one aspect, but what really counts is what you learned from it. Your learning is what will take you to the top.

Life was designed in a way that people only look at the long term, but we live the short-term. We dream of the future, but we live in the present. The present has so many obstacles that it becomes hard to focus on achieving our goal. Sometimes, the future is almost at our grip, but then the present pulls us away. Still, having long-term goals is the only way we can get past those short-term obstacles.

When we set goals, we shouldn’t just set any kind of goal. Instead, we should set powerful goals that’ll have an impact in our life. The more powerful are goals are, the more likely that we’ll get past the short-term obstacles.

What are the key aspects that we should always remember when writing powerful goals? Let me give you a better glimpse of how you’re going to formulate powerful goals:

1. Evaluate and Reflect

The reason we bother to write goals is because we want to effectively reach our goals. But ordinary goals won’t get us there. Our goals have to resonate with our current situation. That being said, we have to know where we currently stand before we can effectively decide which steps to follow in order to attain our goals.

Grab a pen and paper and start writing down your current situation. What is your current situation? Are you happy with your situation? How did you get there? What steps do you think you should take to go further?

2. Define Your Dreams and Goals

The first step to achieving our dreams is discovering what it is. That being said, you should take the time to think about what your dream is. Don’t go for vague and broad dreams. Dreams that are vague aren’t dreams, but ambitions. Ambitions are far out of our reach. They are exaggerated versions of our dreams. Dreams become ambitions when we don’t put enough focus to break them down into doable goals.

With that, you have to make your dream as specific as possible. Once you break down your dream, you can then start to look for ways to achieve it.

3. Make Your Goals S.M.A.R.T

Everything becomes difficult to achieve when we complicate or exaggerate it. Therefore, you should make your goals as straightforward as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by using the S.M.A.R.T approach.

  • Specific

Vague goals are rarely achieved. Why? Nobody understands it. If you want to achieve something it should be straightforward. There should be no U-turns.

  • Measurable

Your goals should be measurable. This means that when you set goals, it should be accurate.

For example, you should set your goal to be: “I’m going to graduate in four years’ time”, instead of “I’m going to graduate someday”.

  • Attainable

Our dreams are the only thing that’s free in this world. But that doesn’t mean that we should go on dreaming. The purpose of our dreams is so we can get out of our unpleasant situations. That being said, our goals should be attainable.

  • Realistic

The word itself pretty much sums it up already. Your goal should something that’s real. This means that it’s most likely to become reality.

  • Time

We set goals for the sake of achieving our dreams. All of our goal settings would be for nothing if we don’t make time for it. With that, it’s also a necessity to set out time goals for when we should have started implementing and achieving it.

Thank you for reading. We hope the above tips will help you in setting powerful goals for the year 2022.

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